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Traxxas Slash Top Speed: How Fast Is It?

Traxxas is a top-of-the-line remote-controlled vehicle and they use premium components when making their remote-controlled vehicles.

In 1987, Traxxas started making electric-powered RC trucks and buggy models. In 1989 Traxxas released their first radio-controlled boat. In 1999, Traxxas released its first monster truck model.

Traxxas makes a large variety of remote-controlled vehicles. These include boats, short course trucks, monster trucks, buggies, and stadium trucks.

The Traxxas Slash is a 1/10 model scale short-course racing truck that puts you in control of the off-course racing action. 

Straight out of the box the Traxxas Slash can reach speeds between 30 and 60MPH. The fastest Traxxas Slash (that was modified for speed) has been able to reach a speed of 170 miles per hour! 

Now you can’t get 170mph out of your stock Traxxas Slash but you can easily get 60MPH and with a few tweaks even bump that to 75mph. 

The Traxxas Slash is built intentionally to fly over jumps and stay on course in those intense curves. Traxxas is continually looking for innovations and engineering to deliver a product that ensures maximum endurance, performance, and fun. The Traxxas Slash delivers the standard by which many other remote-controlled short-course trucks are measured.

Full-scale short-course race trucks like the Slash embody the spirit of a Traxxas RC with their extreme racing engines going full throttle, amazing power slides, giant suspension travel, and big air jumps. 

The Traxxas Slash short-course race truck lets you experience great competition at the track or at your own home. 

The rear-wheel drive Traxxas Slash lets you experience an all-new way to challenge your driving skills. The 4-wheel independent suspension has been carefully tuned to replicate the real-world driving and handling experience as closely as possible. 

The 1/10 scale tires also provide just the right amount of traction.

The Traxxas Slash short-course race truck is equipped to tackle all of your off-track driving needs. The long travel suspension and oil-filled shocks easily absorb jumps and rough terrain. 

The unique chassis design provides huge center ground clearance to drive over deep ruts, rocks, sticks, and other obstacles that leave ordinary RC trucks stuck. The tires use advanced tread design and sophisticated rubber compounds to provide incredible grip off-road with enough versatility to also perform well on concrete and asphalt. 

The fenders cover the tires, which is another great feature when racing with your friends or family.

Traxxas enthusiasts were thrilled with the release of the watertight, sealed electronics that provide the freedom to drive where you want to drive. You can drive through water, mud, snow, and other wet running conditions that would not have been possible before. 

The XL5 electronic speed control and the mini receiver are sealed against the elements. This gives you the freedom to go places you might not have thought possible. 

It opens up a whole new world of adventure and fun. 

Wet muddy tracks are no problem for the Traxxas Slash short-course race truck. The sealed electronics ensure you can enjoy adventures in all types of weather.

The battery compartment makes it easy to install batteries and the great design of the compartment makes it quickly adaptable for various kinds of cell packs.

To see the most popular Traxxas Slash models just click here. 

Traxxas Slash 2Wd Short Course Racing Truck, Red

If you love RC Trucks then you will love the 2WD or 4WD Traxxas Slash!

With a top speed of over 60 mph, you will love driving this RC vehicle!

How Has The Traxxas Slash Been Modified?

The Titan 12T 550 modified motor pumps out incredible power with the almost maintenance-free operation, and long-lasting performance. The Titan’s integrated cooling fan pulls cool air through vent tunnels molded into the motor plate to keep the temperatures down.

A cooler running motor equates to faster speeds, longer runtime, and extended motor life.

The XL-5 Electronic Speed Control offers high current handling, a one-button setup, and smooth high-frequency control. Once reserved only for high-end replacement Electronic Speed Controls, the XL-5 comes standard in the Slash now with three drive profiles, low voltage detection, thermal shutdown protection, gold-plated connectors, and incredibly low resistance. 

The patented Traxxas high current connector allows for unrestricted current flow with today’s high-powered batteries.

What Is The Traxxas Slash 4×4 Top Speed?

There are multiple variations of the Traxxas Slash model. The most popular models are the 2WD and 4WD models. So if you are looking to buy a high-speed Traxxas Slash 4×4 model how fast can it go?

As it comes in the box the Traxxas Slash 4×4 model can go between 35-45mph depending on the pinion/spur gear ratio as well as which battery is equipped. If you adjust the pinion/spur ratio to 19/54 and get a 3S LiPo Battery for your 4WD Slash it will have a top speed of 60 MPH!

So out of the box, your 4×4 Traxxas Slash will have a high speed of 35-45MPH but if you want to speed it up by changing that ratio and upgrading your battery you can get it up to 60mph.

The Traxxas Slash 4WD model has a Velineon® brushless power system that is designed to give you amazing top speeds with none of the drawbacks like decreased run-time.

Traxxas does not recommend changing your pinion/spur ratio to raise your top speed unless you have the required skill level to handle driving an RC car at those sorts of speeds. These Traxxas models weigh over 6lbs so that heavy of an RC car hurtling across the dirt or concrete at 60mph requires an advanced user who won’t endanger themselves or someone else.

Despite the Traxxas stability management® you don’t want to take a chance driving this RC car at speeds that fast as all it takes is one bump to lose control if you aren’t careful. Even if you don’t hurt yourself or someone else you could completely destroy your RC car (despite Traxxas’ superior durability) so it is worth going the extra mile when it comes to safety and caution.

Is There Any Assembly Required After I Purchase The Traxxas Slash?

The Traxxas Slash short-course race truck comes fully assembled and is ready-to-race (RTR). It has the TQI radio system (the controller) already installed and adjusted. 

It comes with an XL5 power system, Power Cell ID equipped 7 cell NIHM battery, a 4amp fast charger, a painted body with decals already attached, pre-glued tires, and detailed instructions to get your Traxxas Slash up and running in no time.

Traxxas also backs the Traxxas Slash with great support. 

You can get in touch with Traxxas customer service representatives who can answer all your questions via telephone, on their website, or by email. 

The Traxxas Unmatched Parts support also allows the Traxxas Slash to be serviced with parts and support from thousands of hobby dealers worldwide. Your investment is even protected by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty. 

There are optional components that can be added to your Traxxas Slash short-course race truck. These optional components can be purchased online or at an authorized Traxxas dealer.

Telemetry is available for the Traxxas Slash short-course race truck. With the Traxxas Link, Wireless Module added to your Traxxas Slash, you can use your iPhone, IPad, or iPod Touch to control or monitor your vehicle. 

There are many online communities you can join where you can learn about remote-controlled vehicles, including the Traxxas Slash. These online communities can provide insight into the newest gadgets and modifications. 

Fellow Traxxas Slash owners can share stories of the courses and terrain they have raced on. You can also get information on the upcoming new Traxxas products.

Traxxas Slash Features

The Traxxas Slash short-course race truck can be outfitted with these features:

● Available in Race Replica versions with officially licensed paint and graphics

● Traxxas 4-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger

● 8.4V 3000mAh Power Cell NiMH battery with iD

● Titan 12-Turn 550 modified motor

● XL-5 waterproof electronic speed control

● Water-sealed receiver box and steering servo

● Metal gear Magnum 272 transmission

● Torque-Control slipper clutch

● Adjustable steel turnbuckles with captured rod ends

● The tires are mounted on satin-finish 2.2-inch Slash wheels

● Optional 23-tooth pinion gear