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What Is Traxxas Low Voltage Detection? Plus Other Important Information

If you have a Traxxas RC car with a LiPo battery you have likely come across something that is called low voltage detection. Of course when you saw that you may not have known what exactly it was so of course you started searching online and found our site. 

No matter which RC car brand or model you have they are all likely to have low voltage detection on them because if a LiPo battery is drained too much then it will become damaged and will not work properly if at all. 

Low voltage detection will tell you if your LiPo battery has been run down all the way and needs to be charged. This low voltage detection is designed to keep you from damaging your LiPo battery by using it too much and letting it get too low. 

Most newer RC cars and even power tools will have this same type of detection on them so when the battery gets too low it won’t let you run the device anymore until the battery has been charged. As mentioned earlier this is to protect your battery and make sure that you do not accidentally destroy it. 

Other types of batteries can be emptied entirely without damaging them so RC cars that use those other types of batteries might not have this protection but all RC cars that use LiPo batteries should have something like this. 

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How do you set low voltage detection on Traxxas? 

So now that you know how low voltage detection works you might be wondering how you turn it on. For some models it will be on when you purchase it while others will not have it on but how do you know if your low voltage detection is turned on? 

When you plug in your Traxxas LiPo battery if the light on the ESC is solid green then that means low voltage detection is on. If it is solid red then it is not on. 

To turn on low voltage detection on your Traxxas RC car simply hold the button on the ESC for 10-12 seconds and as soon as the light turns green then you can release the button. Solid green means your low voltage detection is turned on. 

It is important to make sure that your low voltage detection is turned on anytime that you run your Traxxas RC car with a LiPo battery. The last thing you want is to destroy your battery because you couldn’t be bothered to take a few seconds to check the light on the ESC. As long as the light is green then you are ready to race with your Traxxas RC car and LiPo battery. 

How do you turn off low voltage detection? 

If you are using a LiPo battery then you 100% DON’T want to turn this feature off as it is designed to protect your battery and if you turn it off you will likely end up destroying your battery quickly. 

If you are using a NiMH battery then you don’t want the low voltage detection to be turned as it is not necessary and will shorten the runtime of your RC car . 

If you have a Traxxas RC car all you have to do to turn off the low voltage detection is hold down the button on top of the ESC until the light turns red. When the light is red then that means the low voltage detection is turned off and you are ready to race. 

Each RC car manufacturer has a little bit of a different setup for low voltage mode on their RC cars but the method above is for Traxxas. 

If you have a Losi RC car then you will turn on and off the low voltage cutoff a little differently and the light pattern will be three red flashes for LiPo mode and three green flashes for NiMH. 

Always read your owner’s manual carefully on how to change this setting if you are using a different model besides the ones mentioned above. 

Why is my Traxxas blinking red and green? 

If you have recently changed from LiPo to NiMH batteries or vice versa you might have run into an issue where the ESC on your Traxxas was blinking red and green. Why does that happen and how do you fix it? 

Your ESC will be blinking red/green when you power it on when it is in the wrong mode. To fix this you must reset the ESC and then put it into either LiPo or NiMH mode depending on which battery you are using. 

To do this you will unplug your battery cable for a few seconds and then turn on the remote before then reconnecting the battery cable. You will then hold the button on the ESC down until it flashes red once. When it flashes pull the throttle on the remote back until the ESC blinks twice. 

When the ESC blinks twice you will then go into reverse with the throttle on your remote. While holding the reverse throttle push and hold the button on the ESC again for about ten seconds and the light should go red or green depending on which battery you are using. 

That’s it. You have now reset your ESC and should be able to use your RC car again without any issues. 

What does Traxxas ID mean? 

If you have a Traxxas RC car or are simply looking at one you have likely seen Traxxas ID mentioned. Of course sometimes things are mentioned with no explanation and Traxxas ID is often one of these things. So what is Traxxas ID? 

The Traxxas ID technology allows Traxxas battery chargers to know exactly what type of battery you are using and charge it properly. That is why Traxxas chargers are able to charge both LiPo and NiMH batteries on the same charger because of this technology. 

Traxxas has tried to make it as easy as possible for people to use their vehicles or upgrade them without having to replace the charger or cords as both NiMH and LiPo batteries both charge with the same connector style. 

Traxxas RC cars are one of the few brands that make it super easy to buy a charger since all of their chargers are compatible with both main types of batteries. This will likely save you money in the future when you upgrade your batteries and will also mean you don’t have to spend the extra money buying a bunch of different chargers. 


We hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions about the Traxxas low voltage detection and also some important troubleshooting steps surrounding it. Ultimately low voltage detection is a great piece of technology that works great to keep you from damaging your batteries by discharging them too much. 

If you don’t have a Traxxas RC car but have a different brand instead then you will likely want to read the owner’s manual of your RC car to see how to put it in our out of LiPo mode depending on which battery type you are using.