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What To Do When A Drone Lands On Your Property?

Have you ever been in your backyard and watched a drone land in your yard? Maybe you have just seen on the news recently that people are using drones to spy on people and you want to know what you should do if a drone lands on your property. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about drones and what to do if they and on your property. 

So what do you do when a drone lands on your property?

If a drone lands on your property, the first thing you should do is talk with the owner of the drone. This will help you determine if it’s just some kid who does not know how to drive, or someone trying to spy on you. If you are scared to talk to the owner, you may also call the police using the non-emergency number.  

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Science has discovered a lot of wonders in the modern world. Among them, the drone is probably one of the coolest ones available. A drone is an unmanned aircraft that can be operated via remote controller or computer software from a long distance. The drone has found its way into many commercial and domestic projects like event coverage and photography, small package delivery, videography of racing events, data collections and many more. The uses of a drone are boosting its incredible maneuverability and mobility. Even now, children like to play with drones. This is why sometimes, they become failure to judge the right position of their drone. As a result, the drone falls out of the sky and lands on property that is not theirs.

Why do drones land on other people’s property?

A drone flies in the sky with the help of a remote controller and computing device. It is designed with several enriched components like propellers, GPS, sensors. When a drone takes a lift from the ground, the propellers create pressure on the air. It uses the help of GPS control and radio signal to provide live photography. Users can detect its correct position and can fly it in the air. Sometimes though, for some unusual reason, it falls on the ground. 

This can happen for many reasons. The top reason is the propellers that stop working properly. Once this happens, the drone becomes a failure to create sufficient pressure on the air. For this, the drone loses its function and falls on the ground. If the GPS gets damaged and becomes a failure to provide the right signal, then users cannot be able to detect the real position of the drone. 

The navigator is used in the drone to detect the clear state of a drone. Sometimes, it loses its capability to give solid direction. Incorrectly-tuned compasses are one of the crucial reasons for drone crashes. The incorrect home point, tapping an incorrect button, failure of power supply, a mistake in choosing the right part of the drone is responsible for the drone’s landing on the property.

There is a drone on my property

It’s not an uncommon thing to see your neighbor’s child is flying a drone. As they are a little kid, sometimes they are unable to control their aircraft. Consequently, it may fall on your property. Though drones are small in size, the rotors on drones and others part of it can be dangerous for people. They may inflict serious and irreparable damages. Often, the eyes seem to be more vulnerable. It may interfere with the takeoff or landing commercial aerial vehicles and can cause a tragic accident. 

Even, if a drone lands on private property without any permission or by accident, then it may also cause serious problems. If it lands without permission, it will demolish people’s privacy through capturing video and footage. That’s why landing a drone on people’s property or hovering a drone in someone else’s backyard is not safe at all. It is very possible to injure people and damage their properties. For coming out of this unusual problem, we can do several things.

Speak to the pilot

If you find a drone on your property without the owner getting permission from you, you can talk with the pilot if he is there. Don’t engage erratically with the pilot, and never be angry and yell at them. If it’s a commercial drone that is registered, then they are actually not breaking any law. This is why it is easiest to simply talk with the owner of the drone. 

Contact the police

If you cannot see the operator, then you can always talk to the police. Commercial drone pilots will generally inform the police about their drones, especially in sensitive areas like the airport or other protected public properties. That’s why it will be easier to get information about the drone. This is because the police may have been informed about the drone prior to you calling them. If it is something serious, the police can also investigate that as well. 

What not to do

As it is the nature of humans to become angry without knowing the fact, you will need to be very careful to not do that. This is why you should be calm and never try to break the drone or bring it down. If the drone belongs to a commercial company, then you will be responsible for damages to the drone assuming the people do not want to press charges. If the drone belongs to your neighbor kid, you don’t need to break it. All you need to do is to simply talk with them. If he doesn’t listen to you, then you may inform the police, but don’t engage with anybody. 

Laws and regulations on drone activities

  • FAA

FAA means federal aviation administration. FAA is the regulatory authority that sets limitations on drone usage. It provides standard requirements for drone consumers for their drone flight.

  • State laws

In a few countries, national laws control the drone’s regulations, but in most countries, state and regional law authorities create regulations to restrict and control drone usage.

  • Trespass laws

Trespass laws control drone activity to protect people’s property. Its motive is to save people from an unexpected and unwelcome drone.

  • Nuisance law

The nuisance law is also for protecting public property. It is described by Perritt and Sprague.


Many different drones are used by many commercial companies and also by kids. Sometimes, it may land on your property without permission. At that time, don’t be furious and keep yourself calm. Follow the instructions and come up with the solution. 

There are many different instances that can cause a drone to land on your property. No matter what the reason is, you will never want to destroy the person’s property, or try to attack the owner. Most of the time there is an easy explanation as to why the drone is on your property, and most of the time the owner of the drone is sorry for the inconvenience.