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Where Is The Traxxas Model Number?

Have you ever needed a replacement part for your Traxxas, but the model number you have isn’t complete? Maybe you just purchased your first Traxxas, and you want to make sure you are prepared in case you ever need to know your model number. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about the Traxxas RC cars, and where you can find the full model number. 

So where is the Traxxas model number?

The unique model number is actually located on the data plate of the Traxxas. This is found on the bottom, back, or side of the RC car. Although many people think that it is on the instruction manuals and services manuals which have come with your vehicle, they actually do not contain the complete model number required to identify replacement parts.

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Why do you need the full model number?

You will need the full model number from your manufacturer when looking for a replacement part. This number will make sure that you get the exact part that you need, and to make sure that the system is running smoothly and efficiently throughout the year. You may also need the full model number if you are registering your Traxxas RC vehicle with the manufacturer. They use this number to make sure that you purchased the item from them and that it is not a fake. 

Are their differences between cars of the same model? 

Although you would assume that an RC vehicle of the same model would have the same serial number, this is not true. Every vehicle that Traxxas makes has its own unique serial number. Although the beginning of the numbers are all the same if you have the same model, the entire number is different. They do this for various reasons, including some security reasons. 

This is similar to the way that regular vehicles work. Although the same model vehicle may begin with the same serial number, or vin, they are all entirely different. This is just of of the many ways that Traxxas goes above and beyond to show their customers that they care. This is because if your RC vehicle is ever stolen, they will be able to drack it down if someone calls it in to repair it. 

It also helps them know the exact part you need, as well as if that part is still covered under warranty or not. 

Why is a model number important?

  • Warranty coverage

If you are not sure whether the manufacturer’s warranty covers the repair, the model and serial number can clear it up. For example, you can call a salesperson of Traxxas and read out the model number to them. The salesperson can probably assure you almost immediately barring limitations that the vehicle is covered under warranty. As the car ages though, it is very crucial to have the model number, along with the date of purchase and time it was put into service. This will help the manufacturing and customer service representative be able to help you with your needs faster than if they have to verify your information in a different way. 

  • Parts search.

Gone are the days when the dealer used to search through microfilm or massive catalogs filled with what parts were needed for what specific RC vehicle. Today,  searches are done via the manufacturer’s parts database. This database is linked directly to the manufacturing database, which is made up of the manufacturer’s stock while they were building the models.

This makes the  search for a specific part or piece go faster than going through thick catalogs. On top of this, it is also more specific! The correct model and serial number eliminates errors and prevents messages such as items not found. Manufacturers may decide to change the parts used on the assembly line for numerous reasons.

They might replace a bad or recalled part with a better one, improve the model’s functionality or even substitute a part. A complete model number will define which parts list was used to assemble a particular car, and which one should be used. 

Organization information

Computers are good to keep track of everything. They help manufacturing companies build better, more complex machines while keeping the final unit cost to the buyer as low as competitive as possible. The same system that makes things smooth and possible also needs exact details when asked to supply a specific part for a piece of equipment.

This is why it is always good to keep your RC vehicle document in a place you can remember and find easily if needed. You may also want to write down the serial and model number before you put the box away or dispose of it. 

There are also many other important details you can keep a record of in the computer. Many people will use the purchase date, and dealer phone number to make sure they have all of the correct information. 

Most manufacturers distinguish the different types of model numbers from one another by assigning type numbers to them in addition to the model number. Finding a specific number for a vehicle can be difficult because of the following reasons:

  • The model numbers can be very different from brand to brand. At times, some model numbers can be a huge number or combination of letters and numbers.
  • Model numbers can go by different names depending on the manufacturer.
  • Some model numbers are distinguished by the year of the model.
  • Model numbers can be hard to find sometimes, and are located on the inside of a machine.
  • When a manufacturer does not anticipate redesigning a machine, The first time a model is produced, many times a manufacturer will not have a specific model number as they do not plan on making anything different than the first one.
  • Some manufacturers do not use a model number system at all and instead change the entire model number for each new design.


Now that you know where to go to find your serial number or full model number of your Traxxas RC vehicle, you can see that it all depends upon which vehicle you have. There are many different Traxxas RC vehicles that you can purchase, and each one has its own unique model number and serial number. This is for many reasons, and always to help the customer. Traxxas has shown again and again how that they care about the customer and that they are always here to help. 

If you are having problems locating your pricific model number or serial number, you can simply call Traxxas and they will direct you where the number should be on your particular vehicle. They want to make sure you are taken care of, as well as they want to make sure they can serve you the correct part if for some reason you ever need a replacement part.

So when you first get your Traxxas RC vehicle, you can see why it is so important to write down all the information you know about the RC vehicle and all of the important numbers.