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Where To Drive RC Cars?

Have you been looking for the best place to drive and use your RC car, but you aren’t sure if they can be driven anywhere? Maybe you have just purchased your first RC car, and want to know where you can use it. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about RC cars and where you can drive them. 

So where can you drive a RC car?

You can drive your RC car in many places including your neighborhood, skate parks, beaches, parks, trails, and in the woods. There are no limitations to where you can drive your RC car except on public roadways. 

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If you want to know more about RC cars and where you can drive and drive them, you will want to keep reading this article! 

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Can I drive at more than a race track?

A fanatic hobbyist will only drive their RC cars at the track.  In fact, the majority of RC cars are backyard bashers tearing up the street, forest and extreme areas around the countryside. The tracks are messy, and chaotic. You will find unpredictable drivers, gravel tracks and kids dashing into the road between parked cars which will be hard to spot the hydroplane-inducing puddles. Driving RC cars is survived by all means, by learning how to slam the pedals or even swing the steering wheel without losing control.

When driving your nitro RC cars, always be mindful of the local laws and of your neighbors. You should be conscious of ordinances when driving your nitro RC car to ensure your safety, those around you as well as animals.

Best places to use an RC car

Below are great places to drive your RC car.

RC cars parks

A skate park is one of the best places to drive RC cars. You will need to be careful as you’re almost certain to damage your car at some point when racing here though. Nevertheless, driving at a skate park is extremely fun. Skate parks feature high speed concrete tracks, ramps, half-pipes, quarter-pipes, vertical sections, and much more that offers tons of fun. If you take your time to learn how to drive, soon you can grab crazy air and fine tune your stunt for when you are RC racing.

As you get ready to drive at a skatepark, you will want to pack a lot of spare parts. Doing this will make sure that you are not broken down and that you can keep racing and having fun at the park! You won’t even care if your car is broken in the end because of how much fun you had. 

Industrial parking lots

Local towns have large industrial areas with giant parking lots. Find the best super-long strips made of asphalt.  Practicing in an empty lot is a great opportunity for a wide-open drive.  For those who love speed, an empty parking lot is the best place for high speed testing. You are likely to be amazed by the 500+ feet drive of uninterrupted real estate.

Pubic trails

You may also want to find a public space where people drive ATVs and dirt bikes.  There are plenty of public areas around the country that have large tracts of land designed for such activities.

ATV trails are the best places for an off-road bashing. You can connect with others for fast, hard packed surface nitro RC driving. You should look for a perfect trail with long straight, sweeping turns, uphill’s & downhill as well as jumps.

ATVs and dirt bikes are also perfect for some RC racing. This is true especially for large-scale RC vehicles.


RC driving on the beach is the hardest. A lot of measures should be excised to achieve perfect experience. Nevertheless, beaches provide a unique bashing landscape, especially one designed for fun activities. It would be great seeing a big pile of sand fly up past your car, when you jam the throttle! A lot of people also have fun by tackling the dunes as they race. 

You will also enjoy great photo-ops; racing right onshore. This is especially fun because the sand right at the edge of the water is wet and with the waves coming up as you drive, will make for some amazing pictures. 

Top RC cars tracks

It’s hard to find one, but when you do get ready for the ultimate driving experience.  If you have ever visited a dam spillway reservoir, you probably would rush home and get your RC car. There aren’t too many places like this nearby though. If you are around Iowa City, Iowa though, you can experience a dam wall over 100 feet high.  The reservoir offers a gradually sloping incline, which ends in an almost 90 degree angle.

If you are ever in the state of Iowa, you would be lucky to drive on the biggest quarter-pipe known to RC enthusiasts all over the United States. 

State reserves

Does your state have racing tracks reserves?  If you’re lucky to find one, then you are allowed to bring your RC car.  Some parks may have a bunch of rules and regulations, while other parks may not have any or only a few rules that you need to follow. An open park with almost no rules offers thousands of acres of primitive land with nothing but pure wilderness and hard-packed trails to race on. 

Dirt served roads perfect for an amateur RC drive for the perfect high-speed rally racing. You will definitely look forward to rock climbing as there are tons of natural rock formation and plenty of natural obstacles to keep you busy for hours.

Local parks

Local parks are perfect for RC driving with limitations. There are normally quite a few children and people who will flock around the RC car, limiting your bashing experience. Nevertheless, the park offers quite a bit of RC challenges you can take advantage of in the night when there are kids around.

Local parks designed for skating usually have plenty of hard-packed sand, wood chips; basketball & tennis courts, man-made hills and much more around the parks.

City bicycles trails

This is another great place to race your RC cars. These trails are normally long and decently straight and very fun to race on. You will need to make sure that you always watch out for cyclists in order to not have them be angry with you. 

Bashing on a bike lane experience ranges from tame to insane, especially if it is a well-manicured trail for high speed. You will want to find the portion of the trail with extreme elements such as steep hills, challenging single-tracks and jumps.


Are you surprised to find out there are so many places you can get your RC into to drive and race them? The best part is that you don’t need a high tech track or necessarily need to be on a track to have a good time with your RC car. For more extreme driving though, there are a number of places you can satisfy your adrenaline needs. You can easily find a place that will keep you busy, interested and running back to your local RC shop to buy replacement parts.

You will always want to keep rules in mind when you are using these locations. Don’t break any laws as driving RC cars is prohibited in most private spaces without permission from the owners. However, as long as you are not trespassing or disturbing others, you are good to race!