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Which Is Better, Traxxas Or Redcat? (Which Should You Buy?)

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Are you deciding which RC car to purchase for your first time or maybe you have recently heard about the Redcat RC cars and I’ve always owned a Traxxas? There are many different opinions on which one is better and why it is better. In this article we will go over everything you need to know about Redcat and Traxxas and which one is better. Because there are so many different opinions about these RC cars you probably want to know which one is better based purely upon how they operate, and not on someone’s opinion. 

So which one is the better RC car?

Although both RC cars are made of good quality products, the Redcat RC cars are cheaper than the Traxxas and you can normally find cheaper parts to replace them when they break. Because the parts are cheaper though, they are not made of quite as good of quality as Traxxas and therefore are not better than Traxxas.

Traxxas has amazing quality RC cars and a great support team that can help you get any parts if your RC car breaks while you are racing.

There are a lot more to these two RC card brands though then just the quality of items used when they are produced. There is everything from battery capacity to if you prefer a name brand that is popular over a different brand that is not as popular. There are also personal preferences where some people like the grip of the controller of Traxxas better while others prefer Redcat.

These two cars also have different models and each model has different specifications that they are built to as well as different engines, torque, weight, speed, control, tires, and so much more.

Below we will go over every single one of these differences in depth so you can decide exactly if you want to own the best Redcat or the best Traxxas RC car!

What is the best Redcat RC car?

The  Redcat Piranha TR10 is the fastest and best RC car that Redcat has produced. If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to Redcat, then this is the RC car for you! This vehicle is a 1/10 scale vehicle with a forward and reverse transmission that has a 2.4 GHz radio system! The battery of this Piranha is a 7.2 V 2000 mAh NiMh battery. 

Although this vehicle is only 2 wheel drive, it comes with everything you need to make your first experience into the world of RC cars fast, affordable and fun! This red cat Piranha is equipped with fully adjustable suspension, aggressive off-road tires as well as a high torque 540 brushed motor. This RC car also has adjustable independent suspension, and a triangulated front brad that helps keep this RC car running smooth no matter what terrain it is on. It also has big bore shocks with adjustable preload, and ultralight dual sport tires.

This RC car not only looks aggressive but comes with a front push bar, and rear wing that help keep it balanced and on the ground. The red cat piranha has a length of 16”, and a width of 11”. This RC car comes fully assembled and ready to run and also includes four AA batteries for your transmitter. If you are looking to purchase this Redcat Piranha TR10 you can find one by clicking here

What is the best Traxxas RC car?

If you are looking for the best Traxxas RC car then you Will find yourself looking at the Traxxas Slash 4×4 RC car.  Although these RC cars are more expensive than the Redcat RC cars they are well worth the money as they are built with better quality products and will last a lot  longer.  

The Traxxas Slash RC car is a 1/10 scale model. It also has a 2.4 GHz two channel radio transmitter. When you purchase with Traxxas you will get the option of which performance package you want on your RC car. The first for performance is a 3000 mAh NiMh battery, with a top speed of 35+ miles an hour. 

The second option comes with a 5800 mAh 2s LiPo battery, and has a top speed of 40+ miles an hour. 

The highest tier comes with a 5000 mAh 3s LiPo battery, and has a top speed of 60+ miles an hour. 

Traxxas is also far more customizable as you can also choose your charging option when you make your purchase on their website. You will be able to choose if you want a 4amp charger or a 12 amp Bluetooth charger or if you want a 4 amp dual charger or an 8 amp single charger. 

The Traxxas Slash RC car also comes with a brushless electric motor, which has been putting other RC cars to shame for years! This car also comes with the Traxxas stability management system and hi end parts as well as 100% waterproof electronics. 

This RC car is only 23 1/2 inches long, 11 1/2 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches tall. Even though this RC car is made of well-built material and is a decent size it only weighs just under 6 pounds! The car being so light weight helps it achieve higher speeds at a faster rate. 

All of the above reasons are the main reasons why many people love to purchase the Traxxas Slash, and why Traxxas has been so popular among RC car enthusiasts for so long. Even though they are popular though, there are always people who want to take that top spot and become the leader in RC car sales. If you are looking to purchase this Traxxas Slash, you can find it by simply clicking here

Comparing the two cars

Can you look at the two vehicles although the Redcat RC car is far cheaper than the Traxxas RC car you can clearly see why the Traxxas slash is a far better quality product then the Redcat. Not only is it a better quality car but Traxxas has better customization of their cars, which allows you to decide which RC car you would like as well as how fast you like it to go and when you would like the power to be available. 

This means that if you purchase the RC card that can go 60 miles an hour but you are not an experienced user and you’re just learning how to use it, you may customize the car to where it will only give you 50% power when you are racing. This will allow you to learn how to handle the car before you upgrade to faster speeds without ever changing your car. This is something many RC car enthusiasts love as they only would need to purchase one car instead of multiple cars as they get better at racing. 


Now that you know about the two different cars, you can see why there is such a varying opinion of the two cars. Not only are they built completely different, but they are very different in price. The Traxxas RC car is more than double the price of the Redcat RC car, and when you race them you can tell the difference. If you do not have a lot of money though and you are just starting off, many people prefer the Redcat RC car in order to save money and still have fun racing. This allows them to not break the bank, as well as learn how to race and have fun without worrying about damaging the car.