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Which Traxxas RC Car Should You Buy?

If you’ve been looking for a reliable, reasonably priced RC car that will last for years and years with virtually no maintenance, it might be time to buy one of the Traxxas models.

Not all Traxxas RC cars are created equal though. Which one is best for you? 

Which Traxxas RC car you should buy depends on your personal preferences and how you will be using the vehicle. The best Traxxas cars for different uses are:

1) The ultimate go-kart: Stampede SRX-4WD 

2) The ultimate racer: Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 RTR

3) The ultimate off-road RC car: Slash 4×4 Ultimate 

4) The ultimate scale off-road RC truck: E-Revo VXL 

5) The ultimate monster truck: E-Maxx Brushless Edition 

6) The ultimate rock crawler: Jato 3.3 & 4.6

In this article, we are going to look at the best Traxxas RC cars. Whether you are looking for a great hobby or just something to play with a few times, this article is going to help you decide which car is right for you!

To see the current most popular Traxxas RC cars currently on the market just click here. 

Best Traxxas RC Car Features

To start off with, let’s review some of the features Traxxas RC cars are known for. 

First and foremost, Traxxas RC cars are durable. This alone will make it well worth your time to consider them as your go-to RC car brand. There are many affordable RC cars out there, but none of them can match up to the construction and design of the best RC cars made by Traxxas.

Traxxas RC cars are also extremely fast. This is due to their brushless motor technology, something that is becoming the standard across the board for high-performance RC vehicles. 

Other features that make Traxxas cars stand out from the crowd include their waterproof receiver box and chassis, heavy-duty drivetrain, adjustable suspension and steering, extra large tires and wheels, customizable body shells made from durable plastic, Traxxas stability management (TSM), and monster truck-like bodies. 

When it comes to availability in terms of aftermarket parts, they have one of the broadest selections on the market. They sell their parts through several different distributors and even their own website. They also have a good selection of standard racing parts that are great for casual or experienced racers alike. 

The Traxxas lineup contains many different RC cars of differing types, such as the scale and monster trucks, and go-karts to name a few. Their radio control cars have top speeds that range from 30-100 MPH (the Traxxas XO-1 can reach speeds of 100 MPH).

They also offer two-wheel and four-wheel drive radio-controlled vehicles so you can choose the setup that works the best for you and how you plan to use the vehicle. If you purchase on-road cars then a 2WD model will work just fine but if you are headed offroad through the dirt, mud, or sand then a 4WD model is a better choice.

You can find Traxxas at your local hobby store or online at their website. They also have several retailers that deal in RC cars in many different locations across the country.

Traxxas seems to have a little something for everyone. If you are looking for a family-friendly RC vehicle that does not require a lot of maintenance, then you might want to check out the Traxxas Stampede 4WD RTR. It is one of the most popular RC vehicles in this class because it comes with everything you need out of the box.

This includes LiPo batteries, a charger, and even some basic tools to help you get started. It has both the reliability of Traxxas and the quality that you want in remote control cars.

It also comes with one of the best warranties on the RC car market. Traxxas offers a lifetime warranty on their vehicles. That is right, if anything breaks, you are protected! 

Unfortunately, this model does not come with a built-in speed controller. This means you have to buy one separately if you want to take it off-road or use it for racing purposes. Also, this means that there is no reverse gear built in either. This is a bit disappointing as it does limit its usefulness to some degree. 

However, if you are looking for a vehicle that you can take to the local track for some fun, this will work out just fine. The Traxxas name should tell you that it is well made and durable if taken care of properly. 

There is also an upgraded version of this model available. It comes with everything that this one does, but also includes a high torque brushed motor and waterproof electronics. The upgraded version is more expensive though as you would expect. 

If you are looking for a vehicle that is more suited to off-road use, then the Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 RTR would be an excellent choice for you. It has a waterproof receiver box so it can work on any terrain without worrying about rain and mud getting in the electronics. 

It also comes with all of the basics for your first-time out-of-the-box experience. The Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 RTR is also great for racing as it has adjustable shocks and a durable chassis to make sure it does not break too easily under heavy use. 

There is also a reverse gear on this model so you do not have to worry about having to take it off-road to use it on your track. This also means that the Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 RTR is not as good for off-road use as the Stampede 4WD RTR, but it does work very well for racing purposes in most cases. 

It does come at an increased price over the Stampede 4WD RTR, but most people pay that extra price for their hobby anyway and see how much they can use their RC cars before making a decision. 

Traxxas is a company that has been producing RC vehicles for many years. It was founded by Ron Malec and Allan Hird in 1989. The company started out as a family-run hobby shop before going into making its own products. 

Over the years, the Traxxas line of RC vehicles has changed quite a bit. Some of the current models include nitro engines with waterproof receivers and electronic speed control technology. They also have a whole line of parts and accessories to help you in any situation. 

Many other vendors offer similar products, but Traxxas tends to provide more options and variety when it comes to buying parts and accessories for their product line. You can get just about anything you need to fix any Traxxas vehicle. 

Traxxas is also known for its quality. They make sure that everything is well-made and will last a long time. While it may be more expensive in the beginning, you will be able to use your RC car much longer if you buy a Traxxas product rather than getting something from another brand. 

They also offer some models that are suited for beginners as well as those who are more advanced RC enthusiasts. You can find the perfect product for you and your family no matter what your needs or preferences may be. 

Traxxas is one of the best companies for making RC vehicles. They have been around for many years and have made a big name for themselves in the market. They provide quality products as well as a wide variety of choices to choose from.

The Traxxas Nitro Stampede 4WD RTR RC is one of the most popular products that they have made over the years. It is a high-quality racing vehicle and comes with many different features that will come in handy when you want to race your car against others at any time or place. The Traxxas Nitro Stampede 4WD RTR RC is a high-quality racing vehicle and comes with many different features that will come in handy when you want to race your car against others at any time or place. It’s a perfect choice for those who are looking for a race vehicle with all of the features that they need to be successful.

The Traxxas Nitro Stampede RTR 4WD Monster Truck is one of the most popular models that they have on the market. There are so many different options available for this model, from the color of your choice to the accessories, electronics, and more. They also have a wide variety of tires that are available for this vehicle. It’s a great option for any type of driver because there is such a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Which Traxxas RC Cars Are Most Durable? 

Depending on your specific needs, there are different Traxxas car models to fit your style. From hard-core performance models to high-tech electric cars that are ready to race, the list goes on and on. In these reviews, are three Traxxas RC cars that are the most durable out there.

The first on the list is the Traxxas Slash VXL. This is an easy go-to for most beginners because it is such a high-performance model that is designed for speed and control.

You can pick up some of the best nitro car tires to race with if you wish, but it has plenty of power to handle any race track or trail you can throw at it. It has a powerful 4-pole electronic speed control (ESC) and water-resistant XL-5 HV servos.

The Traxxas Slash VXL is designed with a gorgeous and unique appearance that’s sure to turn heads everywhere.

The second one on this list is the Mini-Z Rock Racer. This racer comes with some of the best racing features around, including a high-quality spare rocket engine, durable aluminum chassis, and top-notch performance parts.

This car comes ready to race right out of the box, with fun painting options available. It also has a sleek and stylish design for your pleasure. It is also strong and durable enough to handle some of the toughest beats you can put it through.

Lastly, we have the 2WD Summit. This is one of the best choices for a smooth ride, with its all-wheel drive going forward or backward with ease. It has an all-season performance tire that makes snow drifting just as easy as racing in a straight line. The 2WD Summit also comes fully equipped and ready to race, with everything you need to get started out of the box.

Do RC Cars Break Easily?

There’s a common misconception out there that RC cars break easily. In reality, nothing is impossible no matter how strong your RTR car is. There are many different breakdowns in an RC car that can happen.

The number one thing you need to know about breaking cars is to protect your investment with the proper tools and techniques (the most important ones being CPR and first aid). Then, take some time to learn about the different types of breaks and snaps that can occur in cars.

This way you get the best chance at repairing your RC car rather than seeing this as an opportunity for it to break again. It is also important to understand what can go wrong with an RC car so you know what exactly needs repairing or replacing.

What Are The Most Common RC Car Repairs?

There are many different types of repairs that you can make during your RC car’s life. The most common ones include a broken tie rod or steering link on front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive cars, broken batteries, and broken servo cables.

Any part of an RC car can break, so it’s important to give your car a thorough inspection before working on it too hard. Parts will always break with use, but consistent maintenance of the body of a vehicle will help to prolong its life span.


There are many different types of suspension systems that you can choose from. For an off-road car, the best choice is rock crawler suspension.

For a better steering and handling system, you should choose a front or rear steer suspension. For more precision in racing or drifting, you should get the most steering stiffness and resistance out of your car’s suspension. 


The body of an RC car cannot be replaced as easily as other parts because it is designed to be made lightweight and durable to withstand the harsh elements that it will encounter while racing over rough terrain.

The body is usually made from polycarbonate or fiberglass and painted with high-quality automotive paints and finishes.


The wheel is also an important part of the car because it can contribute to the handling of a vehicle. A plastic wheel will provide longer life than a rubber wheel, but both have their advantages depending on the type of car you are racing.

Most RC cars come with high-quality wheels that are designed for durability. However, you can always pick up some extra ones for your car if you want to customize its look or performance ratings.

Other Parts:

There are many other parts that you can buy for your RC car. You can change the tires for different surfaces, put on a ball differential to provide faster acceleration and cornering or replace the battery if it isn’t good quality.

It’s always good to have a few extra parts to swap out so you can be ready to race at any given time.

Safety First: 

One of the most important aspects of RC cars is safety. There are many different ways that someone can get hurt when they’re working on a car or racing one. Some items to watch out for include not using the right tools, not being able to repair the car when it breaks and not having proper safety equipment on hand.

There are many different RC cars out there with fancy paint jobs and parts that look similar to real car parts. However, this is part of the problem. If you want to replace a part of your car or even fix it, it might be hard to tell what exactly it is you are working on because of the paint job and other elements you have on the vehicle.

It’s important that you buy cars without paint or fake engine parts so that you can be better safe than sorry when working with them.