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Which Traxxas Should You Buy?

If you intend to buy a remote control car, you should purchase after doing proper research. There are plenty of remote control cars to choose from, but you need the best. To impress yourself and the people around you, you need to conduct a proper comparison. This article covers what the best Traxxas is the best for you! 

Radio-controlled cars (or RC cars for short) are miniature model cars or trucks that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote. The term “RC” has been used to mean both “remote controlled” and “radio controlled”, where “remote controlled” includes vehicles that are controlled by radio, infrared or a physical wire connection (the latter is now obsolete). Common use of “RC” today usually refers only to vehicles controlled by radio, and this article focuses on radio-controlled vehicles only.

So which Traxxas should I buy?

The best Traxxas to buy for most people is the Traxxas Slash 1/10 scale truck that can be purchased here. Although Traxxas has many options, this truck is the best overall Traxxas  that can be used and loved by everyone! 

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If you would like to know more about what Traxxas Slash to buy, you will want to keep reading or check out this video!

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Traxxas Features

Here, you may receive guidelines for buying the Traxxas Slash hassle free. You can have many comparisons between radio-controlled cars. We will try to provide you ideas for the best 7 Traxxas Slash cars on the market. Let’s have a look at the 7 best Traxxas Slash features so that you can choose the perfect one for you.

Traxxas Slash 4X4 Platinum 1/10 Electric 4WD Short Course Truck

Do you need a Traxxas Slash that ultimately ensures fast racing for you? If you want to purchase the quality racing Traxxas Slash, then Traxxas Slash 4X4 Platinum 1/10 Electric 4WD Short Course Truck is the right choice for you.

You will love this car for the steering response speed, and you can zip around the corners in a flash. If you need fast cars, the Traxxas Slash 4X4 is the right choice for you.

The Slash 4×4 features precise visual customization and transparent body. Once you have installed and assembled the Slash 4v4 with batteries, you can receive the endless efforts in racing from this vehicle. So, the Slash 4×4 is an excellent option for you.

Traxxas Bandit 1/10 Electric Buggy RTR with Recent Technology

If you are a fun-loving RC lover, Traxxas Bandit 1/10 Electric Buggy RTR is the best option for you. It gives unlimited joy and enjoyment in racing. The price is also affordable, with unlimited fun.

It comes with the complete ID technology and the buggy part is a classy new design. Wow, the people have enjoyment from spinning the car in the race. It would be best if you had 4AA batteries for driving the car. If you need an ID technology-based Slash, then the Traxxas Bandit 1/10 Electric Buggy RTR is perfect for you. So, enjoy your RC racing with fun. The price is reasonable and should be within your budget.

Traxxas 1/18 LaTrax Rally Waterproof RTR

Are you an RC racing lover? If yes, then enjoy your RC race with the Traxxas 1/18 LaTrax Rally Waterproof RTR. It comes with 2.4GHZ technology, and the car’s performance won’t deteriorate during the whole racing time. It can run well in the long-range tracks. So, you can pick this one for the long-racing events.

It comes with the waterproof features, and you can run this car in the rainy weather as well. Wow, the car surface is waterproof, and it can stand its ground against the elements. Incredibly, the car is made with a sleek design. You can have everything in one car.

Traxxas Rustler XL-5 with ID Technology & AC Charger

Undoubtedly, the Traxxas Rustler XL-5 is designed for having fun in the race. It comes with a Titan-12-Turn modified 550 motor, and it can reach up to 35 miles per hour. Also, if you like to have all-weather conditioned RC cars, you can pick Traxxas Rustler XL-5 without any doubt. You can race in snow, puddles, dirt, and any other situation for racing. For the RC competition, Traxxas Rustler XL-5 is an overall boss car.

Traxxas Slash Ford Raptor 1/10 2WD RTR with TQ 2.4GHz

If you like to have a big truck with unlimited fun, the Traxxas Slash Ford Raptor 1/10 2WD is a suitable option for you. It includes more fun than an RC truck should have. The 1/10 scale 2017 Ford Raptor replica allows you to go whenever you want. It can cross over the sturdy surfaces as well. Also, it is compatible with any weather. So, you don’t need to worry about the weather. You can move or run your car in both rainy and snow-fall weather.

Of course, you will love this car, as it comes with Titan 12-Turn motor and XL-5 electronic speed control. It allows so much fun to the RC drivers. The design completes the side-view mirrors that are perfect for the users to have an actual Ford Raptor. It is a perfect gift for the kids as well.

Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck with TQ 2.4GHz Radio System

The Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck is fully assembled and is ready for fun and ready to wipe out the competition. Its speed can exceed the shorter vehicles at higher than 30 miles per hour. You can exceed the limit if you need more speed for enjoyment.

Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck features a TQ 2.4GHz Radio System and waterproof aspects. Thus, you can drive the car in any situation. Just keep the battery and charger with you. Don’t forget to keep the battery and charger with you. If you have the battery and charger with you, you can run it anywhere.

Traxxas Summit 1/16 4WD Highest Terrain Monster Truck

The Traxxas Summit 1/16 4WD Highest Terrain is fully assembled and ready to run just after opening the box. It is best for all types of RC racing or competition and the drivers love the torque, which has no bounds.

It contains robust tires so that you need not worry about tire puncturing during racing. Also, these can run or jump over the rocks and sturdy surfaces. As the tire won’t get a puncture, you don’t need to worry about anything while you are racing.

Four-wheel-drive permits the Summit to keep on any terrain, even those that may look impossible. Push the limit, and then you can see how far and fast it can go. Do you love to race at night? If yes, then, there is a piece of good news. Traxxas Summit 1/16 4WD can run even faster at night. You won’t face any difficulty in controlling the ride on nights, as it comes with LED lights.

Traxxas Options

Now that you know that you have many options to buy the best Traxxas vehicle, you know that you need to base your choice on what features you want! If you need waterproof RC vehicles, then the Traxxas 1/18 LaTrax Rally Waterproof RTR is the suitable choice for you. If you have fun in racing, then the Traxxas Bandit 1/10 Electric Buggy RTR is perfect for you. You should always choose the best RC car that best fits your needs, and is exactly what you want. 


Now that you have looked at the best 7 Traxxas vehicles, you can see why so many people have problems choosing which one they want! They all have great features and are all made to last. When you buy an RC car, you cannot go wrong no matter what Traxxas you buy. When you compare all of the models though, the best one is clearly the Traxxas Slash 1/10 scale truck!