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Why Are RC Tires So Expensive?

RC cars and trucks are an amazing hobby to get into however the tires always seem to be incredibly expensive. Why is that? 

RC tires are typically expensive because of supply and demand as well as the costs that go into making each tire. Since every RC car will need multiple sets of tires over its life there is built in demand and the RC manufacturers know it. 

If there were far more RC tires on the market then the price of the tires would be considerably less. However, since often the RC car manufacturers are the same people who make the RC tires they make sure to not flood the market with tires and drive the prices down. 

There also isn’t really a used RC tire market to help keep the prices in check either. This is because often the tires are used until they are worn out which means there are rarely any cheaper alternatives besides buying generic tires. 

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People have always wondered why RC tires are as expensive as they are. What are the factors that make RC tires cost so much? Read on to find out the reason behind their high price.

Reasons why RC tires are expensive

  • Probably the most obvious answer as to why RC tires are expensive is because people need them. In simple words, it can be explained as supply and demand. People who enjoy RC racing need those RC tires and are willing and ready to pay the cost of those tires. This might be the biggest reason as to why RC tires cost so much.
  • Also, there are big, huge racing companies and clubs out there who can afford such prices and are willing to pay them for a large amount of tires for their drivers.
  • Another reason for the expense could be the process behind the production and manufacturing of the RC tires (if they are rubber). These rubber tires are made from rubber that is produced by rubber trees and rubber trees are usually not found in many places. One such place where rubber trees are farmed is South America. Now rubber is collected from those trees, drop by drop by the workers on such farms. Later after it is collected, it is made into tires, shipped etc. All these processes do not come cheap so this is another reason why RC tires are so expensive.

How can you get RC tires at a cheaper price?

Fear not! There are actually a few different ways to get RC tires at a cheaper rate than their normal cost. Some companies offer discounts on their RC tires and of course this will allow their customers to get tires at a much cheaper price. Also, some companies might reduce the cost of the tires if you make a purchase for multiple tires such as a set of 4. This means that if you buy more than 1 or 2 tires, you might get it at a cheaper rate than if you buy just one tire. 

This is not available in every brand out there so you will have to check with the stores to try and determine if there are any current offers.

Another way to save some money on these RC tires is to simply buy generic. Many people prefer to get the name brand RC tires but if you always go that route you will always have to pay up for the quality and name. There are many generic RC tires that will work just as good as the name brand so be sure and read the reviews on places like Amazon as well as forums to find some better deals. 

You can also save some money by purchasing in bulk. I mentioned buying in sets of 4 earlier but if you race a lot then you can often save a substantial amount of money by purchasing RC tires in packs of 10-20 or more! 

Of course the original outlay will be more expensive when you go this route but if you have a few friends who have the same size RC vehicles you can split the bulk purchase and all save some money on tires. 

RC racing as a hobby 

Hobbies are activities that interest you and they are also something you like doing. Most people have hobbies such as writing, collecting stamps, dancing etc. and often these hobbies are usually not very expensive and done mainly to pass the time. 

However, RC racing and bashing is one hobby that can cost you a lot if you want to do it and want to do it well. You can certainly buy cheap toy grade RC cars for only $20-$30 but if you buy a hobby grade vehicle it will typically run you a few hundred with the most expensive models running up to near a thousand! 

That’s just the cost of the vehicle too! 

You can easily spend more money by purchasing tires (mentioned above) as well as upgrades to the motor, battery, ESC, and more. All of that can add up pretty quickly and you will soon find yourself spending a good amount of money on this hobby. 

Cheap RC tires VS expensive tires 

So now the big question… is there a difference between the cheap and expensive RC tires or are they basically the same? 

As with most generic items there is a difference but the difference is pretty small and in most people’s opinion (mine included) the additional costs associated with buying a brand name tire is not worth it. Generic RC tires will often not last quite as long or be quite as durable as the name brands however you will often save 30-50% of the cost by buying a generic so the decrease in quality is likely worth it for most people. 


RC racing or bashing is an expensive hobby so if you do not do your research properly before you get into the RC world, you might be in for a big shock and surprise. You will likely be taken aback at the sheer cost of RC tires when you go to buy them for your first RC car or truck. So unless you are ready in all ways to get into this hobby, do not do it. 

Get into this activity only after you have understood how much you will have to spend or if you are willing to spend the time to find items secondhand to save money. It is definitely not for the faint hearted but if you have a passion for it, if you are really interested in RC and racing etc. then go for it.

So there you go, you now should have an idea as to why RC tires are so expensive. If you are going to buy one or at least planning to make a purchase, make sure you check out all the available options. There might be some brand or company that would be selling tires at a cheaper price or there could be some discount going on in some shop. 

Make sure you have looked through all such options before you choose a brand and tires for your RC car.