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Why Does An RC Car Go Faster In Reverse?

When you are driving around your RC car, you may come across some that go faster in reverse than when they are going forward. This is very unusual, and confusing for many people. 

So if your RC car is going faster in reverse than when it is in drive, you are not alone in wondering what is going on.

Even though not all RC cars have this problem, most RC cars have limits on their power that they put out when they are in drive. This is to control the power going to the wheels so the car does not instantly flip over if you pull the trigger quickly. RC cars that are faster in reverse will not have this limiter on them when they are in reverse, which will allow the RC car to go faster in reverse than in drive. 

If your RC car is faster in reverse than in drive, it is not something to worry about as some RC cars are built this way for safety. They do not want you to wreck the car as soon as you put it in drive, which is why there are these safety measures in place. 

If you want to watch a short video about the issue and how to fix it, you can simply watch this. 

What makes an RC car faster?

If you have your RC car, and love racing it and having fun bashing, you may want to try and make it faster. After all, a faster RC car is always more fun to play with and use. 

If you are racing your RC cars, you will definitely want to make sure that your RC car is faster than everyone else’s so you can win the race. So, what makes an RC car faster?

The best way to make your RC car faster is to use a brushless motor instead of a brushed motor. This will increase your power, and make your RC car noticeably faster the next time you go to use it. 

There are other tips and tricks to make your RC car faster besides changing out the motor. Some people do not want to spend the money or go through the work to change their motor, which is why they will try these other tips.

  • Change the tires
  • lower the weight
  • Adjust the gear ratio
  • Upgrade the batteries

By using these different tips to make your RC car faster, you will be able to eliminate the opponents and win all of your upcoming races. Even if you are not racing, and you just want to make your RC car faster, these tips are sure to help you. 

Many people will use these tips if they do not have money to upgrade to a better faster car. These tips do not cost very much, but can make a big difference if you use all of them at one time. 

Why is my RC car going slow?

When you are driving your RC car, you may begin to notice that your RC car just does not seem as fast as it used to be. Although this could just be because you are used to using it, and are becoming a better driver, it may also be that your RC car is slower than when you first purchased it. 

If you notice your RC is slower than when you first purchased it, it is normally caused by a battery that is not fully charged, or a bad battery. This can easily be fixed by recharging the battery, or purchasing a new battery by clicking here.

If you have recharged your battery and it is working properly, it may just be your imagination that your RC car is slower. This happens quite often because you are a better driver now than when you first purchased your RC car. 

Because you are used to the controls, and the speed of the RC car, you will have better control and feel as though your car is slower. In reality though your RC car is the same speed, but your reactions and reflexes are faster. 

Will replacing my RC car battery make it faster?

When you want a faster RC car, you have probably heard people tell you to replace the battery that came with the RC car. This is because most RC cars come with cheap NiMH batteries. When you upgrade batteries you should upgrade to a LiPo battery for your RC car.

If you have a NiMH battery in your RC car, replacing it with a LiPo battery will make your RC car considerably faster. This is because LiPo batteries give more power to your car. This power will increase your top speed as well as your acceleration. 

Replacing your battery is not that expensive, and it is something that many people will do to make their RC cars better. Even if they have a good battery already, having a second battery to continue racing is always a good idea. 

Some people do not think that replacing something as simple as an RC car battery will make that big of a difference. The truth is that it does make a difference, and in some RC cars it makes a big difference. 

How long does a 5000mAh RC battery last?

When you are choosing a battery for your RC car, you will want to make sure you get one that is going to last. This is why many people are asking how long a 5000mAh battery lasts. 

These batteries are the most popular battery sizes for RC cars. Not only are they the most popular size, they are also a good fit for most RC cars. 

A regular 5000mAh battery will last 20-35 minutes depending on your gearing ratio and if you run at full throttle all the time, or if you are easy on the throttle. This is the average time that people will use their RC car before they want a break as holding down the throttle can be tiring. 

This is why the 5000mAh battery is the most popular battery that people will use for their RC car. It does not take forever to charge, and its charge will last the perfect amount of time. The best part is that the 5000mAh batteries are not that expensive. They can be purchased by Clicking here. 


Now that you know you do not need to freak out because your RC car is faster in reverse than in drive, you can relax knowing nothing is wrong with your RC car. If you are worried about it though, you can fix it by following the video in the beginning of this article. 

If you find that your RC car is slower than it was originally, you may want to check your battery and make sure that it is working properly. If it is not, you will probably want to replace the battery with a new one. 

Depending upon which battery you have in your RC car, replacing it may even make your RC car faster than it was originally. This is because LiPo batteries are more powerful and will increase the power your RC car has. 

Even if you are not willing to spend money to make your RC car faster, there are tips and tricks that you can use to make it faster that do not cost you very much money at all. Having a fast RC car is something that every racer wants as speed is the name of the game.