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Will Traxxas Replace My ESC?

Have you ever purchased a Traxxas RC car, and found out that the ESC has gone bad? Maybe you searched frantically for the warranty information only to find out that it expires last month! We all know how frustrating this can be, and many people want to know if Traxxas will still fix it. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about Traxxas replacing your ESC. 

So will Traxxas replace my ESC? 

If you need your ESC to be replaced but the warranty has expired, Traxxas will actually still replace it for you! They will only charge a $5 shipping fee, as well as the cost of the ESC. That cost ranges from $15-$120 depending upon what model you own. 

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If you want to know more about Traxxas ESC replacement, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to learn exactly how to install your own new traxxas ESC on your RC car. 

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How to repair the vehicle or obtain services

Traxxas makes warranty and repair services very simple for the consumer of their products. The first thing you will need to do is to call their support technician. They will help determine the best way to get your model back to action. A product may appear to be defective or malfunctioning only because it is being misused or it may need a slight adjustment.

The best thing about Traxxas remote control vehicles is that regardless of the damage the car has sustained, it will always be repairable. If you are not aware of where to begin, there is a procedure that any hobbyist can follow to repair his or his vehicle.

  • Survey the damage

First, you will need to use the blown up drawings that come with the vehicle’s package to determine the part numbers of the damaged components. Once you have highlight the parts that you need, proceed to the next step.

  • Purchase the parts

You can get replacement parts from hobby shops and from Traxxas official website as well as online here! The quickest way to buy the part that you need though, is to purchase it from your local hobby shop. 

All you will need to do is show them the part number of the item you need. Most hobby shops only sell the parts for what they pay, if you hire them to do the install of the product.  You can even buy an extra spare part for future use if this part keeps breaking often. If there are no local hobby shops nearby, you can purchase parts here, or directly through

  • Install the new parts

Once you have the required part to repair your vehicle, all you need to do is to simply reinstall them in place of the damaged parts you removed earlier. If you can’t do it on your own, there are many different videos online that will be able to help you. 

Other repairs and obtaining warranty services 

If your vehicle is within 30 days from the date of purchase, and one of the components has been damaged, it may be covered under warranty. If you think that a Traxxas component is defective, you will want to call them, so you can return it to Traxxas with a copy of the purchase receipt or invoice.

Before you return the damaged component, you should speak to the technician because some issues can be resolved over the phone. If you are returning the whole car, it’s recommended you drain the fuel and remove the batteries from the vehicle for safety. 

You will need to keep in mind that the warranty covers only new products that are defective right out of the box. The rest of the services will be estimated on an individual basis. Traxxas warranties manufacturing defects for only 30 days from the date of purchase.

Does Traxxas have a specialized repair shop?

Traxxas does have a specialized repair shop that they use for all of their models. It is called RC Car Stars. They service all models of electric Traxxas RC cars and trucks. They are experts in Traxxas repairs and they even recommend aftermarket parts to make your Traxxas function better and last longer.

It doesn’t matter what issue your Traxxas may have, they perform a free 20 point inspection on all RC cars being serviced.

What are the Traxxas models they service?

  • Slash
  • Rustler
  • Stampede
  • X-Maxx
  • E- Revo
  • Summit
  • Bandit
  • Telluride
  • X0-1
  • Rally
  • Monster truck.

They also offer a free 20 point RC inspection with any Traxxas service.

When you take your RC in for a super tune-up, RC car staff starts by performing a 20 point check up on your RC car. After that, they provide a written report of the results before they start working on your RC.

What does the 20 point checkup include?

They check chassis, suspense, shocks, fluids, electronics, wiring, linkage, differentials, transmission, tires, bushings, bearings, steering, alignment, body, slipper clutch, motor bearings, pinions and spur gears, axles, A-arm and other critical areas of your RC.

They also make sure that they help you keep your RC in tip-top shape. This is because they know that when you take care of your RC, it works for a long time. 

RC technicians help you watch out for anything that needs to be fixed or replaced. They are committed to ensuring you get the maximum performance out of your RC whether you are a basher, racer, or an RC enthusiast.

What does the RC pro tuned up service include?

  • ESC and calibration programming

It involves complete programming of your ESC based upon your intended usage. Besides, they recalibrate your ESC to your controller to assure you get maximum performance between the two.

When they adjust your controller, they set the setting, endpoints, center steering, and modify any other parameters between the RC car and controller.

  • Shock rebuild with fluids. 

The RC technicians usually remove your shocks and disassemble them. Then they will clean the shocks and remove the old shock oil. They condition all gaskets and seals with top quality lube and fill excitement back up with the correct viscosity of shock oil.

  • Steering camber and toe alignment

The most crucial thing you can do to enhance operations in your RC is adjusting camber and toe of the wheels. The tune-up service sets the camber and toe of your wheels to the right degree, based upon the type of driving and conditions you will be putting your RC through.

  • Body and chassis cleaning or revitalizer

RC technicians clean the body and chassis of dirt and debris. Besides that, they also apply lustre revitalizing coating to all the body and chassis parts to bring back shine and luster.

  • Tightening and loctite of fastener

Technicians check all the screws, and nuts for damage, and then tighten and loctite those fasteners that tend to get loose when you are racing.

  • Bearing cleaning and lubrication

They check motor, wheel and transmission bearing and bushing for wear. Then they clean and lubricate the bearings with quality oils and silicone protectors.

  • Tire cleaning and refreshing

They will clean the tires and wheels entirely and use simple green to condition the tires. Simple green is used to soften tires, which will then increase traction.


Now that you know that Traxxas will fix your RC car, if you contact them, you may want to get a quote from them before you decide to try and change the ESC on your own. It is always better to let a professional fix your RC car to make sure you do not break anything while you are trying to fix it.