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About Us

Hi, and welcome to the best RC hobby website around! My name is Matt Robbs and I am the founder of Below is a picture of my amazing family and me!

My goal for the website is two-fold. First, I want to help beginners get their questions answered. When I was first learning about RC cars I had tons of questions and finding answers was difficult for some and impossible for others. This site is designed to answer those questions that aren’t anywhere to be found!

Second, I started this site to chronicle my RC hobby with my kids. I have 3 kids that all love RC vehicles and I wanted a place to write about our experiences while having fun together.

Most recently my son (who is 7 now) got his first drone after I went and bought three other ones that I couldn’t figure out how to fly. I finally found a model that was actually easy enough to set up and fly so that I could do it (and of course so can he).

Whether it’s information about drones, RC cars, RC trucks, or any other type of RC vehicle I have tried to make each article as helpful as possible… whether you are a beginner or RC expert.

I hope that everything that I write on this site is helpful to you and helps you enjoy your RC hobby a bit more.