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How Much Do RC Trucks Cost? (With 10 Examples)

When I was a kid, I spent countless hours playing with my RC truck, running it over rocks, and through puddles in my backyard. I want to take it up again, but I wanted to find out how much do RC trucks cost? I do want to get back into racing and off-roading, so I definitely want a truck that is durable, versatile, fast and handles well. However, I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it either, so I thought I would do some research to find out how much a good, high-quality RC truck costs.

So, how much do RC trucks cost? Well, it turns out there’s a great deal of variability in cost, but the general price range for a good RC truck is between $20 to $300. A lot depends on the type of performance you want from your RC truck and whether you see yourself as an amateur hobbyist or a serious RC truck competitor.

Choosing the right RC truck for you takes a little bit of research. In general, a high torque motor and low flex axles give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to off-roading. However, when it comes to generating speed, it’s the power of your engine that really counts. The list below gives you options for both off-road vehicles and racers, but a lot of the higher-end models are versatile enough to combine both functions into one customizable RC truck.

Style and Function – The 10 Best RC Trucks for your Budget

#1 Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme – $20

The video above shows this truck being tested out so you can see it in action.

I decided to start this list out with one of the cheapest models on the market, the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme, a sturdy little truck that is built for durability over speed. Although most serious RC truck hobbyists wouldn’t even consider the Maisto because of its lack of speed and relatively unsophisticated construction, it does perform well and handles very easily.

It has a durable chassis, although it’s lower suspension and ride height means that you’ll probably have more rollovers than you might like. However, it’s unbeatable value for money if you’re a complete newcomer to the world of RC trucks and you want something that can take a bit of a beating as you learn to master the controls and maneuver your truck in difficult terrains.

#2 HPX 1:18 Scale Rampage 18859E – $70

Check out the video above for a full review of this model as well as some durability testing!

The Rampage might be relatively cheap, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is nothing more than a kid’s toy. Although it doesn’t come with as many bells and whistles as some of the more expensive RC trucks on this list, the HPX Rampage can certainly hold its own in any environment.

Thanks to its superior 4WD which gives it strong traction and rapid acceleration, the HPX Rampage can climb over any obstacle easily and performs well in streams, through muddy areas, and in pretty much any off-road terrain. The only negative point about the HPX Rampage is that it has a top speed of only 18mph which makes it a poor choice if you’re looking for an RC truck that competes well as a racer.

#3 Redcat Racing Everest-10 Rock Crawler – $160

Check out the video above for unboxing of the Everest-10 as well as some testing of this model.

A standard favorite among RC truck lovers, the Redcat Racing Everest-10 Rock Crawler is considered a beginner’s truck for a lot of good reasons. Although it might seem a bit expensive for a beginner, it’s somewhat higher price tag gives you an extended range of options when it comes to upgrading and customizing your truck.

Built to handle rocky, hilly terrains, the Redcat Everest-10 is also waterproof and handles fairly easily, with balanced steering and speed control. Unlike other RC trucks, this model won’t burst out of the gate at high speeds – in fact, its top speed is only 10mph, which gives beginners the even control they need in order to learn how to handle and maneuver a monster truck with skill and precision.

#4 Altair Power Pro – $170

The video above gives a quick review of the truck as well as some real life usage.

If you’re just getting started with RC trucks, the Altair Power Pro is one of the best choices you could make, in terms of affordability, ease of handling and overall performance. At the mid-range of our price scale, the Altair Power Pro is a ready to run, pre-assembled model, although like most RC vehicles, it does have the capacity to be upgraded and customized.

Its dual-motor design allows it to perform at peak speeds on difficult terrain for up to fifteen minutes at a time, giving beginners more drive time to practice and hone their skills. The metal casing and heavy-duty chassis of the Altair Power Pro make this one of the sturdiest, most durable monster trucks on the market, perfect for the beginner who’s just learning the ropes.

#5 Traxxas 2WD Bigfoot No. 1 – $257

Check out the video above for an awesome review of the Bigfoot. It starts with some epic jumps and gives a specific review of a vriety of aspects of the car.

If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality monster truck that can handle rough terrains with ease, the Traxxas Bigfoot is definitely your best bet. Unlike a lot of monster trucks, the Traxxas Bigfoot offers a great deal of maneuverability even when it’s climbing over large rocks or popping wheelies.

Built as a ready to run model, the Traxxas Bigfoot uses an electric power source and a high-quality motor that allows it to perform well at speeds as high as 30mph, with a longer run time than most monster trucks.

#6 Traxxas Summit 1/10 Scale – $266

Another great truck, the Traxxas Summit is a super durable model. The video above shows some real testing done by real people.

Designed to be the ultimate in all-wheel drive off-road vehicles, the Traxxas Summit boasts a lightweight chassis that houses a large heavy-duty motor, giving you enough torque to easily push through rough terrain. A low center of gravity means that this monster truck can handle steep inclines and tall obstacles with minimum rollover. It’s also fitted with LED lights and a waterproof motor housing so you can run your truck in the dark, through streams, over rocks, and in pretty much any setting you can think of without causing any damage to it.

#7 Axial SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee – $300

As seen above, this RC truck looks just like a real car! Check out the video for some amazing footage of this one in use.

A beautifully designed scale model of the 2000 Jeep Cherokee, the Axial SCX10 is just plain fun to drive and is a great choice for the serious hobbyist. Apart from getting to enjoy the intricate detailing that makes the Axial a perfect carbon copy of the original Jeep Cherokee, you also get a powerful motor, high ground clearance, and a specialized hi-pinion axle. Execute perfect 45 degree turns, run your truck over high pile rock structures, or let the throttle out and compete against other racers – with two-speed options and a sturdy, steel rail chassis; there’s nothing you can’t throw at the Axial SCX10 Jeep Cherokee.

#8 Team Redcat TR-MT 10E 1/10 Scale – $350

This is a high end car but for many people it is well worth it! In the video above it shows how durable the car is as well as some testing done on it.

The Team Redcat TR-MT 10E monster truck might be a bit on the pricey side, but there’s no denying the value for money that comes with this incredibly powerful piece of machinery. Although it’s a ready to run model, the Team Redcat TR-MT 10E is fully customizable which makes it perfect for differential terrains.

You can tune the suspension to give you better action on tougher, rockier terrains, and you can even adjust the ride height of this truck so that you get better clearance over higher obstacles. Say goodbye to the hassles of low suspension rides and constant rollovers – the Team Redcat TR-MT 10E gives you the torque you need to handle any off-road situation you put it in as well as the speeds to make it a real contender as a racing vehicle.

#9 Axial 1/10 Wraith Spawn Rock Racer 4WD RTR – $370

Another expensive model but boy is this car an amazing one! The video above shows some extreme situations that this can handles with ease!

Easily one of the best engineered and highest performing RC trucks around, the Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer is technically a rock crawler, but it’s also built for high-speed racing and features the very latest in 4WD off-road performance engineering.

Boasting a tube frame chassis, high grip tires, front and rear driveshafts, and a low flex axle, this truck is built for precision control. Charge over rocks, through streams, and even sand dunes with ease – the Axial Wraith Spawn’s high-performance design gives you unparalleled control, versatility and rugged durability no matter what you throw at it.

#10 Losi 1/5 DBXL-E 2.0 4WD Smart Electric RTR – $1100

This car is certainly at the top range of every RC car but for many people it is worth it. Check out the top speed as well as how it can connect to your smartphone in the video above.

The Losi DBXL-E 2.0 is definitely on the higher end of the price range, but it’s well worth a mention, especially if you have a lot of experience with RC trucks already and you’re looking for something that would be a serious competition contender.

The features on this high performing truck include a 780 Kv brushless motor and an 8 cell battery, giving you the ability to drive longer, push your truck harder, and reach speeds of more than 50 mph. With front and rear bulkheads and a heavy-duty chassis, this masterpiece of RC truck technology is incredibly durable and handles like a dream off-road and on tracks thanks to its patented hardware, including a DX2E transmitter and a Telemetry Surface Receiver.

The Bottom Line – Value For Money

When it comes down to it, you really can spend as much or as little as you want to on an RC truck, depending on your budget and your skill level. If you’re just starting out, I would recommend a truck in the $50 to $150 range, primarily because these RC trucks give you the opportunity to practice and hone your skills without breaking the bank.

Most of the trucks in this price range also have the option of add-on upgrades, so you can customize them to suit your exact specifications as you become more familiar with them. However, if you are a serious RC truck competitor, there are many options that fall well beyond that price range, running into the $1000 to $10,000 price range and even higher. However, a lot of the higher range models don’t offer as many customizable options as the lower range models, which is definitely something to consider when picking out the right RC truck for you.