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How To Get Water Out Of Your RC Car Tires

Did you get a little too risky with your remote control car and drive it through some puddles? Or, did you get stuck out in a rainstorm and end up with water inside your car’s tires? It’s ok. There are ways to successfully dry out your RC car tires, and ensure the car will maintain its functionality.

How can you get water out of your remote control car’s tires? The easiest way to remove the water is to drill two holes in each tire in the middle. Make sure the holes are on opposite sides of the tire. After you drill the holes, you’ll want to tip the car over on its back and run it. You should be able to successfully remove the water from your tires by just following these steps.

The above works best if your car is four wheel drive. If you have a two wheel drive vehicle you will need to use a drill to make the non-drive wheels move at a fast enough speed to get the water out or find a large flat paved area to drive the car to get the water out. 

RC cars will likely get wet at some point during their usage. There are a few methods you definitely want to stay away from when trying to dry your RC car tires! But, by following a few steps, you’ll be able to remove the water and ensure your car still lasts for a long time.

Read on for how to remove water from your RC car tires!

Step By Step Instructions to Remove the Water from a Remote Control Car Tires

The process involved with removing water from your RC car tires isn’t too involved. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Drill some small holes in your tires. This should be a simple process. Just use a drill and poke a hole right in the tire. You shouldn’t need to buy any type of special tool for this. If you’ve got a regular power drill, that’ll do the trick. You don’t want the holes to be much bigger than 1/16th – 1/8th of an inch thick, so use a fairly skinny drill bit. Make sure to not drill in too deep as you could get the bit into the foam and damage it.

  1. You’ll need to spin off the water. To do this, you can either put the car on its back and run the tires, or you can put the car up on a block, so the tires aren’t touching the ground, and run them. You can also hold the car in your hand to accomplish this. Another way to do this is to drive it on a dry street or basketball court. The movement should cause all the water to come out of your freshly drilled holes.

Don’t live in fear of getting water in your RC car tires, as just by following a couple of steps, you should be able to successfully remove the water. Water can damage other parts of your RC car so avoiding water is always a good idea if possible. 

What Not to Do if You Have Water in your RC Car Tires

Learn from those before you have that have tried to remove the water and failed. Here are some things you don’t want to do – you will risk damaging your car, damaging your house, and possibly even causing yourself or others bodily harm! Stay away from these “drying methods”!

  • Put them in the oven. Yes, somebody tried to bake his car tires! It didn’t work. Not only do you risk damaging your car and its tires, but it’s also a fire hazard, and you could end up damaging your oven, or worse.

  • Put them in the clothes dryer. See above… It doesn’t work, and you’re risking more than just your RC car. You can easily melt the tires and cause a giant mess inside of your dryer! Good luck explaining that to your wife!

  • Heat them in the microwave. I once had a friend microwave a t-shirt because it got wet and he thought it would dry it. It burned holes in the shirt instead and set off my smoke alarm. Some things should not be microwaved and your RC tires are one of those things!

  • Use a hair dryer. This one isn’t quite as bad as the first three on this list. There’s not much damage you are risking; it’s just not very effective. You might successfully remove some of the water, but you won’t get it all out without drilling holes and spinning the tires. It’s also possible you could melt the tires and damage them if you have the dryer on a high heat for a long period of time.

Some things might be worth the risk in life. Buying that stock that might go up in time is probably a good risk. Trying to cook the water out of your RC car tires in either the oven or a clothes dryer is more likely to damage them or your appliances than it is to work. 

What happens if you don’t remove the Water from your Remote Control Car Tires?

Exactly how big of a deal is it to remove the water? Can you just leave it in there? Will it ever evaporate on its own, or will it stay in the tires forever and destroy them?

Some RC cars are advertised as being waterproof, but that’s rarely the case when it comes to the tires. If you run your car through puddles of water, you will end up with water inside your RC car tires. If you do not get the water out, you run the risk of damaging your car. Some of the possible problems you’ll run into if water sits in your RC car tires:

  • Your tires are most likely made of foam inside. When foam gets wet, it gets soggy. Your tires won’t run correctly with soggy tires.

  • If water sits inside the tires for long periods of time, you take the chance they will get moldy on the inside, which will cause more than just a bad smell. The mold will cause your tires to deteriorate and could ultimately ruin the tires.

  • Depending on how submerged your RC car was, and how long it was submerged, you could have water in more places than just your tires. You’ll want to make sure things like bearings and axles are dried out, or they could corrode and rust away. If you dry out your tires, those parts will dry by themselves.

Since the process of removing the water from your RC car tires is fairly simple, it really doesn’t make sense to leave the water in your RC car tires. Go ahead and drill those holes and spin the water out, so your car doesn’t get ruined.

Watch How to Remove the Water from your Remote Control Car

Here are some great YouTube videos that show people doing exactly what you’re trying to do – get that water out of their RC car:

  • Below is a tutorial video that shows you step by step how to drain the water from your RC car tires. It shows you how to drill the two holes in each tire and then drain the water out by flipping the car upside down.
  • This short video below also explains how to drill holes in your tires to get the water out of the tires.

You’re not alone. Others before you have also had water in their RC car tires. Watch some videos by people that have successfully removed the water, and you should be able to do the same!

Removing the Water out of your Remote Control Car

Getting water in your RC car won’t ruin your car if you take care of it and take steps to remove the water before it can do any damage. The good news is, with just a couple easy steps, you should be able to successfully remove the water from your RC car tires! Don’t use household appliances like an oven or a microwave to dry your RC car tires. Just drill a couple holes in the tires, run the car, and watch the water spin right out! Your tires will be dry and functioning smoothly in no time at all.

If you are interested in learning more about water and RC cars you can read an article that I wrote about other steps to take if your RC car gets wet by clicking here