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Are All Traxxas RC Cars Waterproof?

Traxxas RC cars are incredibly popular in the RC community. They are often thought of as the best RC cars on the market as they are super high quality and have good specs to go along with it. Just because Traxxas is a great car company doesn’t necessarily mean that all of their RC cars are waterproof however? 

So, are all Traxxas RC cars waterproof? 

Traxxas cars are not all waterproof. As a matter of fact, not even all of the cars labeled ‘waterproof’ can withstand being submerged in water for long periods of time. Generally, Traxxas cars come with some waterproof features which provide some protection from water for these cars. However, this does not make it okay to immerse them completely into the water, as this may cause permanent damage to your vehicle. 

Generally, metal rusts, and the more you expose it to moisture, the higher its chances of getting rusty are. Regardless of the waterproof features these cars come with, if you do not ensure that they are cleaned and well maintained when water, mud, and dirt get in or on them, the car will end up suffering corrosion and rust. 

The thing is, if you do not put a limit to how far you can go with your Traxxas car when it comes to water, you’re certainly headed for some serious problems in the future. Your Traxxas car will likely have to be completely cleaned or refurbished if you aren’t careful when your car comes in contact with water. 

Nevertheless, we already mentioned that most Traxxas cars are manufactured with waterproof features to make sure that they are safe even if they run through some water. But, in spite of the smart technologies used, your Traxxas car can only handle water up to a certain depth or for a certain amount of time. Running it deep into the water would also mean that you have to be prepared to do a lot of maintenance and cleaning at the end of the day. Worst case scenario if you drive your car into a lake or pond it might mean that you will lose your expensive Traxxas car entirely. 

The truth is, keeping your Traxxas cars away from water is always going to be your best option even if your model is considered to be waterproof or water resistant. 

Things to Consider Before Getting Your Traxxas RC Car Wet

Before you take your new car out in the rain, snow, or just wet conditions there are some things that you should consider. 

Drivetrains are not waterproof

RC car drive trains are typically not waterproof, and neither are their axles and transmissions. Although their bearings may be water-resistant, it is easy for water to get into the axles and transmissions. Regardless of how tight these parts of the car can be, water can still easily find its way in just as fine dust can. When water gets in, it will pollute the grease as well as cause corrosion and other issues for these parts. 

The receiver boxes are not sufficient

Your Traxxas car may come with a receiver box that is marked as waterproof. These waterproof receiver boxes usually do a very good job of protecting your car when it races through water. But, when your vehicle is submerged in water, these receiver boxes do not do much to protect your car from harm.

For starters, this receiver box is typically not well assembled. The box will easily start leaking water into the car if the O-ring moves from its proper position. If the wires are not well greased, the water will also get into the wires. The receiver can easily be affected by even being submerged in a little bit of water. So the thing is, these boxes actually have proper protection, but you cannot depend on them if you have any plans to submerge your Traxxas car in water. In addition, the water’s depth is something else to consider. The deeper the water, the harder it is for your receiver to resist the water and the more likely it is to get inside. 


Another important factor to consider is the motor of the car. Generally, brushed motors are excellent at surviving extremely wet conditions. Even if you completely submerge your car in the water, a brushed motor will normally be able to survive it. But, regardless of how brushed motors can survive wet conditions, submerging your car in water is never a good idea unless your entire car has been coated with a waterproof spray or has been designed to handle being entirely submerged. 

On the other hand, brushless motors cannot be submerged in water at all. There are two kinds of brushless motors; the sensored motor and the sensorless motor. Although some of these sensorless motors are named waterproof, that’s not always the case, and if you dip them in water, you might need to disassemble them and do some maintenance. Hence, it is best to totally keep them away from being submerged in water. 

These motors also come with shielded bearings that are not safe in the water. Also, because of the sensors, they are made with, the sensored brushless motors are not waterproof.

Radio reception can be affected

The reception quality of 2.4GHz radio systems can be highly affected by water. If a lot of water gets in between your 2.4GHz transmitter and your Traxxas car, you will lose control of your car right in the middle of the water, something you surely don’t want to experience. 

This is only true in the case of your RC car being fully submerged which again, you shouldn’t do unless you have taken the necessary steps to make it entirely waterproof. 

Most people won’t submerge their cars so they won’t have this issue. 


Both LiPo and NiMH batteries can function effectively underwater, seeing as the individual cells are sealed. However, the tabs of both batteries are exposed and can easily corrode. Water can easily damage these batteries, so it’s best to protect them from water. The battery packs can actually work in wet conditions, but damage can and may still occur. Also, because of their construction, drying these batteries is very tough.

The batteries on waterproof vehicles or even on RC boats will be encased in a waterproof container or waterproofed in another way. 


RC tires normally use foam inserts and have venting holes in their tires. The vents enable the release of air while the foam makes it easy for the tire to carry the weight of the car. When the foam gets soaked in water, it cannot get dry easily, and the water will quickly damage the foam. Your tires will also be wholly damaged in water unless they can be disassembled and dried out entirely. 

Some RC cars have tires with no foam inserts so any water or junk that gets into the tires can easily be spun out as needed. If you are driving your car in snow or other wet conditions make sure to know what type of tire your car has and take the time to properly dry it after it is used. 

Some Waterproof Traxxas Cars 

There are some cars that Traxxas has made that are considered to be waterproof. As mentioned above that doesn’t mean that you should drive them into a large body of water and submerge them entirely but it does mean that driving them through water shouldn’t damage the electrical components or other parts of the car as long as you clean it or keep it maintained properly. 

Traxxas 58034-1 Short Course Truck

This Traxxas RC truck comes with waterproof electronics so that you can drive it in a variety of terrains including in snow or rain. 

This truck is designed for short course racing and has four wheel independent suspension which will help it when you go in wet or snowy terrains. This truck is equipped with a 7 cell NiMH battery that will last approximately 10-15 minutes when used at full throttle. 

More information as well as reviews for this product can be found on Amazon by clicking here

Traxxas Stampede 4X4: 1/10 Scale 4wd Monster Truck 

This monster truck has waterproof electronics as well as waterproof speed control. This monster truck has 3 inch tires on it which allows for plenty of ground clearance to ensure that it doesn’t get bogged down even in deep snow or water. 

This is a great RC car for beginners and experienced people alike as it can withstand being crashed and flipped repeatedly and still work just fine. 

It is obviously more expensive than most starter RC cars but when it comes to hobby grade cars it isn’t too expensive for such a high quality model. 

There are tons of reviews that you can check out on Amazon here


Not all Traxxas RC cars are waterproof and even those that have waterproof components still should not be submerged entirely. Driving an RC car that has waterproof electric components allows you to use it in wet or snowy conditions but it should still be cleaned and dried out after you use it. 

Just as with a normal car it is important to do proper maintenance and upkeep on your vehicle after you get it wet or dirty. Taking a few simple preventative steps will help your RC car last much longer and stay in much better shape as well. 

If you want to learn how to waterproof your vehicle entirely then check out this video below.