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Are Aluminum RC Parts Worth It? (Are Other Parts Better?)

If you own an RC car then there’s probably come a point in time where you have had a part or two break on you. Although this can be extremely frustrating you may be wondering if this is a good time to upgrade your cheaper RC car parts for more expensive ones. 

One of the biggest upgrades someone can do to their RC car in regards to parts is buying aluminum instead of plastic. The problem with this is that aluminum RC car parts are more expensive than plastic which makes people wonder if they are worth it. 

If you are using your RC car to race then you probably do not want aluminum parts because they weigh more than plastic and are also more expensive. If you are using your RC car for fun but quite often then it is probably worth it to purchase aluminum parts for your RC car. 

Obviously this varies depending on how often you actually use your RC car. If you only use it a few times a year then the cost of aluminum parts won’t be worth it for you. 

Even though aluminum RC car parts last longer than plastic, the cost of them does not outweigh how long they will last for most RC car users. The only aluminum parts that are normally worth it for virtually everyone are aluminum bulkheads and arm mounts as those need the extra strength. 

Even though there are differences of opinions, most of the time aluminum is not the way to go when it comes to RC cars unless you use them alot. 

Another thing to consider is that aluminium parts are more rigid and if there is a crash they will transfer 100% of the force to the smaller plastic pieces which then makes them break rather than absorbing some of the force themselves. 

If you are interested in seeing what aluminum parts are popular for changing out on RC cars you can click here

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What kind of plastic does Traxxas use? 

If you have ever owned a cheap RC car, then you know that the plastic is normally fragile and does not hold up very well during crashes. This is one thing that sets Traxxas RC cars apart compared to other cheaper models. Their plastic is somewhat bendable and holds up extremely well in the event of a crash. 

Traxxas RC Cars use different types of plastic on their cars but the plastic for the body is nylon or PP. They also use a plastic that is reinforced with glass fibers to help make it stronger. 

Other RC cars use cheaper plastic that is not reinforced which allows it to break easier and bend with then its first crash. Traxxas instead reinforces the plastic that helps keep it straight throughout many crashes and keep their RC cars operating no matter how bad the crashes are. 

Is plastic stronger than aluminum? 

Since you have been reading this article you know that for RC cars, aluminum parts are not normally the way to go. This has made many people wonder if plastic is stronger than aluminum. 

Although plastic is not stronger than aluminum, being strong is not the only thing that you need for an RC car. Just because an RC car is strong does not mean that it will last in a crash since all of the parts are not flexible, but rigid and will take the full force of impact. 

RC cars that are made of aluminum and not plastic are a lot heavier and they’re not actually the best RC cars to race with or purchase. Having a good mixture of aluminum and plastic for your RC car is normally the way to go. 

If you have a mixture of aluminum parts in plastic parts for your RC car the aluminum will give your RC car strength while the plastic gives it durability if you crash. This is why many people when they purchase an RC car will upgrade some of the parts that are plastic to aluminum parts. 

How are plastic RC car parts made?

When you purchase an RC car you may be surprised to see how many small plastic pieces go into making your RC car. This will probably make you wonder exactly how those small parts are made to the exact specifications needed to work with your RC car. 

Plastic RC car parts are made using injection molds. The plastic will be heated until the point that it is melted and then it will be injected into a mold that has already been designed for that specific part. It will then be cooled which will harden the plastic where it is removed from the mold and inspected. 

After the parts are inspected, they will be put into a coyote to be used for assembly of an RC car. This allows manufacturers to mass produce RC car parts at a high rate of speed. 

Being able to produce these parts at a high rate of speed makes it a sustainable business as demand can increase or decrease quickly. Because the plastic is melted it can be put in different shape molds depending upon what parts are needed. 

What is the strongest plastic? 

If you do not like aluminum and you do not want to replace your RC car parts with aluminum you may be considering purchasing plastic parts. Because you’re purchasing plastic you do not want the cheapest plastic that will break easily but something that is very durable and strong. 

If you are looking for the strongest plastic, you may be surprised to know that polycarbonate is the strongest plastic. It is actually 200 times stronger than glass and is warranted against breakage or cracks. 

Even though this is the strongest plastic it is currently not made for RC cars as it has to be extremely thick, and weighs a lot. Although polycarbonate plastic is good for structures, it is not a good plastic for an RC car or RC car parts. 

What is the cheapest plastic material

When it comes to purchasing an RC car, the cheapest RC cars are made with the cheapest plastic. This is one way that they keep the cost of the RC car to a minimum when they are producing it. 

The cheapest plastic that is used on these RC cars is known as styrene or petg. No matter what your RC car is made of when you go to purchase an RC car you will soon find out that you get exactly what you pay for. 

If you purchase a cheap RC car it will be made of cheap plastic materials and not last very long as well as not go very fast. If you are going to spend good money on an RC car though it will be made of higher-quality plastic as well as some metal pieces and will last you a long time. 


Now that you know the difference between aluminum RC car parts in plastic you can see why there is such a difference of opinion on which one to use. They both have their pros and cons when it comes to being used on an RC car. 

Some people prefer having the aluminum parts instead of plastic as they are stronger than plastic. Others prefer the plastic pieces as they are more durable and are cheaper. 

It really comes down to personal preference on which ones you would like to use for your personal RC car. This is because depending upon how you drive and how often you crash you may find that one material works better for you than the other. 

If you are looking to purchase an RC car that is made with good quality plastics as well as some aluminum parts, you will want to purchase a Traxxas RC car.

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