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Are All RC Drift Cars 4WD? (+Other Drift Car Info)

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Rc cars are so much fun, and if you have ever seen Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift you are probably interested in finding out if you can drive RC cars like they do. Drifting is hard to do, and takes a lot of practice to learn how to do it. 

When you drift when you are driving a regular car, the car needs to be a rear wheel drive car. This confuses many people when they go to purchase an RC car as they do not make rear wheel drive RC cars. 

The RC cars that you will need to purchase that are for drifting are actually four wheel drive. This confuses some people while others simply wonder if all RC drift cars are 4WD. 

While almost every RC car used for drifting is 4WD, there are actually some available that are RWD. RC drift cars are normally four wheel drive and are actually set up to be the best drifting RC cars available. 

Drifting RC cars takes a lot of practice and an insane amount of skill. This does not mean that it cannot be learned though as really all it takes is practice and dedication. 

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How do 4WD RC cars drift?

Before you purchase an RC car that you were going to use for drifting you will want to know exactly how they work. Normally a RWD RC car will spin the back tires to accelerate the car while the front wheels steer where the car is going. 

This is normally how drifting happens as the power to the rear wheels makes the tires spin why you control where the car goes using the front tires. Because this is even how regular drifting cars work you may be wondering why RC drift cars are 4WD. 

After all if it works great on a regular car why would it not work on an RC car? How do RC cars even drift if they are 4WD? 

Two wheel drive RC cars actually have problems drifting since they are extremely light and cannot get enough grip on the ground to drift. Most RC drift cars are 4WD so you actually have enough traction to grip the road with the front tires while you are drifting around the corner with the rear ones. 

It is a lot different to drift around a corner with a RC car then with a regular car. Regular cars are far easier to drift with as you can feel what the car is doing and know when to oversteer. 

When you’re racing an RC car though, it is considerably harder as you cannot feel when you need to steer and when you need more power. All of the drifting you do in an RC car is based solely upon what you can see instead of what you see and feel. 

Are RC drift cars fun?

Just because they make an RC drift car does not mean that they are anywhere near as fun as drifting a regular car. If you are not old enough to drift a regular car though you may be wondering if drifting an RC car is fun that you can have. 

Obviously you should not go out and break the law by driving recklessly or driving under age. But if you can have just as much fun by drifting an RC car you will definitely want to spend the money on it. On the other hand if they are not fun at all you do not want to waste the money purchasing a drift RC car. 

RC drift cars are extremely fun once you learn how to drift with them. It will take some practice for you to learn how to use your RC drift car, but once you master drifting, you will not regret buying it. 

Drifting an RC car is not only fun for you and your friends but it is a great way to show off your skills. Not everyone can drift in an RC car, and if you take the time to learn it you will easily impress everyone around you. 

Drifting is becoming a lost skill, as RC cars are used mainly for bashing and short track racing. If you can learn how to drift though you will be one of the few able to do it. 

What is the best drift RC car to buy?

If you have been looking at purchasing drift cars you may know that there are many different options when it comes to buying one. No matter what brand you get if you were just starting off you want to make sure that the RC car that you purchased for drifting is 4WD. 

This will make sure that you can easily learn how to drift and have fun at the same time. Now that you know you want a 4WD RC car, you probably want to know which one is the best to buy. 

The best RC car for drifting is the HSP Racing Nissan SkylIne GT-R. This car is sure to leave all the other drifters in the dust as it was built to be the fastest and best RC drift car ever. 

This car is ready to run out of the box, has a high capacity battery, and is built with light weight aluminum materials to give the car stability while it takes on every corner. 

Once you master drifting with this car you will never want to put down the remote. This car also has an upgraded 540 race motor in it so you have plenty of power to drift around every corner. 

This car is one of a kind and if you are looking for the best of the best and this is the car for you. You can buy this car and soon be showing off to all of your friends, if you purchase it by clicking here. 


There are different RC cars that you can buy including ones that you can use for drifting. Even though not every single RC car can be used as a drift car, with a little bit of practice you can purchase a drift car yourself and be a master at it soon. 

Even though not all RC drift cars are 4WD, the majority of them are. If you’re just starting off I highly recommend that you purchase an RC drift car that is 4WD. 

RC drift cars are extremely fun and even though you may not fully understand how they work, you understand that you need a 4WD RC drift car to get the grip and power you need to drift around every corner. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they go to purchase a RC car for drifting. 

Many people think that you need a rear wheel drive RC car for drifting just like you do for a regular car. This is not true though as you actually need a 4WD to help get you the grip you need as the cars are extremely lightweight. 

It does not matter if you have the most expensive drift car or the fastest drift car available, all that matters is you learn how to drift so the next time you are with your friends you can show off all of your insane drifting skills. They may not be blown away at first but once they think they know how to drift they will learn that it takes far more skill than they think. 

Drifting around every corner while your friends are forced to take the corner slower is a great way to show your friends that you are better than them. Even if you do not have drifting fully figured out yet it is still a lot of fun to play and drift around corners.