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How to Wash RC Trucks: Tips & Tricks To Do It Right

People of all age brackets can have a lot of fun with an RC truck. Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s surely something fun you can do with an RC vehicle.

An RC truck can be even more fun when you run it off-road and get it really muddy or dirty. Of course once you have taken your vehicle through some mud you will want to make sure to clean it thoroughly and that is what this article is all about. 

Keeping your RC truck clean is a huge part of making sure that it stays in good condition and that it functions properly. Of course, it’s going to get dirty soon after you have raced it outside, making it necessary to wash and clean it quite often. When we speak of washing, we do not mean submerging your RC truck in soapy water. Seeing as it has many electronic components, it’s not something you can simply dip in soap and water to clean it up. 

There are many different ways that you can clean your RC car by using special instructions and kits for cleaning and maintaining your RC car. Just using soapy water, on the other hand, may put your truck at risk and even cause some damages. This article is going to let you know all that you need to know about adequately taking care of your RC truck and how to properly clean it. 

If you want to watch some tips in a video before reading this article then you can check out the video below for some great cleaning tips. 

Here are some things to keep in mind about washing your RC truck:

  • Your RC truck will quickly get damaged if you do not clean it for a long time so it’s important that you take the time to clean it regularly.

  • Cleaning electric products such as an RC truck is difficult and you can’t just wash it like anything else. Cleaning solutions abound on the market and you can always pick your preferred option depending on how much you are willing to spend.

RC Cleaning Tools

Before we get on to talking about how to actually clean your RC truck, here are the tools and kits that you would be needing for the process:

  • Cotton swabs: So that you can reach all the hard to reach places of the RC truck.

  • Toothbrush: To help you get off hard dirt or mud.

  • Wet wipes: To get rid of grease and dirt.

  • Paper towels: So you can wipe and dry the truck.

  • Microfiber Towel: This will also help to dry off your RC car body shell.

Cleaning Your RC Truck

Here are the various ways that you can clean your RC truck:

Use an air compressor

This is your best option for cleaning your RC truck if you want to save your time and also want to avoid a lot of the hassle. Air compressors typically work like air guns and can blow the gravel, dirt, or grit from your truck in record time. The downside of an air compressor is that it can be expensive to purchase up front if you buy a larger one but it does a very good job of getting rid of all of the dirt on your RC truck. A small-sized vacuum cleaner may also be a good idea if you do not want to use an air compressor.

Use denatured alcohol

Denatured alcohol is another very effective ingredient that you can use to get rid of mud and dirt from the truck’s chassis. Try to reach all the cracks and crevices as much as you can. The good thing about alcohol is that it won’t damage the parts or metals.

Use water and detergent

If the electronic parts of your truck are 100% waterproof, you can use warm water and detergent to clean the chassis. Just wipe though and don’t submerge the chassis in water or you can damage your parts and metals. Try using a toothbrush and use dry napkins to clean all of the hard to reach parts. When you’re done, dry it in the sun. Ensure that you use this cleaning method only on a car that is waterproof.

Use a brush

The RC cleaning brush is an important part of the cleaning kit. If your RC truck is not very dirty and you clean after every use, the brush option is an ideal one. Brush all of the reachable parts properly to get rid of all the dust and then wipe down any spots that the brush can’t reach. 

Using wet wipes

Wet wipes and baby wipes abound on the market and they are quite affordable too. They are great for getting rid of grease and dirt from your RC truck. It’s also a great way to take mud off of your car and keep it clean so use this every time after you use your vehicle.

Use cleaning sprays

You can find industrial grade RC car cleaning sprays available on the market and with a lot of brands available too. You simply need to pick a good one of your choice for cleaning your RC truck. Before you use the cleaning spray, you should get off as much mud and gravel as possible. Also, be careful when cleaning and avoid using the cleaning sprays on wires or electric parts. After soaking the truck for a while, you can just wipe it off and then let it dry before storing it. 

Tips to Note

  • Make sure that chemicals don’t get in the car’s electrical components or bearings.
  • Compressed air is incredibly fast and is an excellent option after driving in a dusty environment but be sure that you don’t blow loose any connections on your wire or other parts that might be loose.
  • It’s best to clean the car right after driving when the dirt is fresh and can come off much more easily.
  • Always switch off the power and take out any batteries after driving before you begin cleaning.
  • With off-road trucks, you can take off the tires and rear wing to make the cleaning process easier.


Maintenance and cleaning are huge parts of owning an RC truck. If you’re going to have a healthy and properly functioning RC truck, it’s important that you clean and maintain your vehicle often. The above are easy ways to properly maintain and care for your RC truck. As we noted in the tips above, you can remove parts of the truck to clean it if it gets really dirty and you can even disassemble many other parts of the vehicle as needed to clean it properly. 

It is never a good idea to simply dunk your vehicle in water even if some of the parts are waterproof as rarely is the entire truck waterproof and you will likely damage something if you submerge the entire vehicle.