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What Is The Best 1/10 Scale RC Buggy?

Buggies are a certain kind of RC vehicle, and it was these models that really started to increase the popularity of RC vehicles. Finding the best one of these vehicles would simply require you to pay attention to some features such as an open-wheel design with a lot of ground clearance. 

Having an open-wheel design as well as a great suspension and knobby tires is the reason buggies can race through almost anything and go almost anywhere. When considering the best RC buggy, it is important to not only consider the model, the make, and manufacturing materials of the car but also consider the impact that the design of the car has on its usability.

One feature that almost all RC buggy enthusiasts will consider before purchasing one of these vehicles is speed. However, the top speed is just one of the many features that you need to take into consideration. But, it is very important that you get a buggy with really good speed because it is what will get your Buggy across many rugged terrains where a slower RC car would surely have failed to race through or at least, not done so easily. 

You should know that the motor and engine of your RC buggy will greatly determine its top speed. Also, every single component of the Buggy plays a part in providing you with better speed, and if the Buggy offers more ground clearance, then you will be able to keep those higher speeds for longer as well. 

It will be easier for you to control your RC car at a higher distance with a design that offers increased frequency.

After getting to know about what makes for an ideal RC buggy, let’s now look at some of the best 1/10 RC buggies for you to get today. 

Best 1/10 RC Buggies

Here are the best 1/10 RC buggies to consider if you’re looking to purchase one:

G-Made 51000 R1 Rock Crawler Buggy – Budget Pick


Size: 12 x 21.8 x 8 inches

Scale: 1/10

Top Speed: about 50 mph

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Motor or Engine: RS-540 27T motor

Ground clearance: a maximum of 3.7 inches

This rock crawler buggy, which comes with great brakes and an instant reverse, also includes a tunable suspension. This buggy just might be as close to custom fitting a buggy for particular terrains as you can get. This buggy, which also happens to be impressively affordable, comes with very commendable features, including providing you with the possibility of jacking your car up to a very high clearance level of 3.7 inches at maximum. 

Now less than 4 inches of clearance might not seem like much however most RC trucks or cars will have an inch or less of clearance so this model gives you almost 4x more clearance than some of the other “off-road” vehicles will. 

You can fit the suspension of this RC buggy to every environment as you can make it taller for rocky terrains and closer to the ground for flatter terrains or race-tracks. 

Now, you can finally set up for a range from smooth and easy rocks on easy terrains to heavy boulders. More than just the custom suspension, this car comes with a strong 2.4GHz radio control system that offers immediate reverse options, and what the drag brakes mean for sharp corners when you’re at high speeds is that you will always have full control of your RC no matter where you’re racing.

With a lightweight full-tube design and 4-link suspension with powerful 2.2 bead lock-wheels to go with bighorn tires, this RC buggy is made for fast-paced races. It comes with heavy-duty portal axles that conform to all your choices of higher ground clearance. 

What’s more? This RC buggy comes with G-Transition shocks as well as a high torque metal-geared motor that can give you a speed of up to 50mph and is also built tough to handle any hard collisions and jumps that you might take it On. 

The downside of this Buggy is that it does not come with batteries and a charger, so you would have to purchase those separately. 

Also, the lightweight frame may be easier to damage than a  metal frame would be. But, regardless, this RC buggy is one of the best that you can get on the market. 

With its totally tunable suspension and its really high ground clearance to go with its versatility, which ensures that it can race on tough terrains, this is a really good buggy to consider. 

You can read more reviews of this model or see how much it is currently selling for by clicking here

Kyosho Ultima RB6 RS – Best Buggy for Beginners


Size: 15 x 9.8 x 5.2 inches

Scale: 1/10

Speed: about 35 mph

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Motor or Engine: 2700kv sensorless brushless

Here’s an electric racing buggy with a 3-gear transmission that consistently gives you the superiority of tested suspension and steering. The RB6 also comes with a selection of 3 different gearboxes: “Rear Motor,” “3 Gear Midship”, and “4 Gear Midship”.

In addition, it comes with a 2700kv rear motor, which is balanced and very reliable for when you’re racing on loose surfaces. It also offers increased power to the double transmissions of the car. Its mid-built transmissions ensure that you have a higher grip on dirt surfaces, and its lower-built transmissions give you a super high grip for slick elements of rocks as well as tracks that have artificial carpet or turf. It’s detailed precision settings ensure that this RC car is compatible with any type of surface, and any racer type, whether defensive or aggressive. This is one of many reasons why this RC buggy will surely give other cars a run for their money.

The chassis of this car is made with side guards and powerful, lightweight metal elements. The sideways battery mounting makes it possible to fine-tune the weight of the chassis when doing manual distributions as well which is great for more advanced users. 

Its radio control comes with a frequency range of 2.4GHz, a digital LCD screen, 2-channel radio settings, and a 15-model memory to provide improved racing capability on every track. The shocks are made with coil components filled with oil and threaded springs to better handle jumps and high-speed collisions.

For what it’s worth, this RC buggy won the Off-Road World Championships in 2015, and you might as well choose to be a part of its success. Even though its top speed is a bit low at 35 mph, the detailed precision settings it offers for all environments, as well as its 3 gearboxes, are features you do not want to miss out on.

You can learn more about this specific model or check out the other Kyosho models by clicking here. 


Either of these two RC buggies are a great choice but ultimately you will have to decide what features are most important to you. If top speed is more important then you will want to choose the G-Made 51000 R1. 

Besides these models there are many additional generic RC buggies that can be purchased for a much cheaper price. It would be a good idea to compare the features of those generics (found here) to the two models mentioned above to see if you are willing to miss out on some features to save a good amount of money.