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Are RC Crystals Interchangeable? (What Are They On?)

Flying an RC airplane is extremely fun to do and unlike an RC car, it is not something that is attempted by children. Being able to maneuver an airplane and take it off with your controls is something that requires a lot of practice as well as skill. 

There are not as many RC airplanes in the sky as there are RC cars on the ground due to them being more dangerous. The other reason there are not as many is because they cost more money and require more time to be skilled while flying them.  

It’s not just airplanes that require skill though as the top RC car racers in the world have to have skill to do what they do every single race. When they practice with their different RC cars though, they will want to keep the same controller.  

This is because having one controller that you are used to is a key part in consistency while you race. This may get you wondering if RC crystals are interchangeable. 

Thankfully RC crystals are interchangeable as many people like to change out their RC crystals so they can use one controller with every single RC vehicle they own. Even if you do not race, having one controller for all of your vehicles is just easier and more convenient. 

After all, having a different controller for every single one of your RC vehicles can make it hard to be consistent when you use them. Even if they are the same RC car brand, the controller may have a different feel than what you are used to. 

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Are RC crystals on more than just RC planes?

Now that you know about RC crystals, you may be wondering if they are on more than just RC planes. After all, not everyone wants to be a pilot. Some people prefer to race cars or trucks, or even just have fun with their friends. 

RC crystals are actually inside any RC vehicle. This would include RC cars, trucks, planes, drones, boats, and anything else that is radio controlled. These RC crystals allow the machine to receive commands from the controller to tell it where to go and what to do. Without an RC crystal in your RC car, it will not move or do anything. 

No one wants to own an RC vehicle that does not work and does not move or perform any tasks. It would not be any fun if you opened up your brand new RC vehicle and turned it on and it just sat there no matter what you did. 

This is exactly what would happen though if your RC vehicle did not have an RC crystal inside of it. The controller would transmit what you want it to do, but since there is no crystal, the radio wave would not connect with the vehicle. 

Every single RC car, boat, truck, plane and other device needs rc crystals in them to operate. The RC crystals actually connect the remote and the vehicle by making a connection on a specific frequency. 

Because the two items are connected, they will not have any issues working, and you will also not have any problems with other people’s controllers controlling your RC vehicle. This is why it is important to not try and change or mess with your RC crystals as moving them or pulling them from one item to the next can easily damage them. 

Why is it important to have RC crystals on your RC device?

Some people may not even think about the RC crystals that are in the RC devices, but that is okay. The less people know about them, normally, the better things operate. 

If you do not know anything about the RC crystals that are in your RC device, you should not open up the machine and try to adjust or mess with them. This will keep our RC machines running longer so they will not be able to be damaged and will stay protected on the inside of the machines. 

It is important to have the RC crystals on your RC device otherwise your devices whatever they may be, will not work. This is why if you have an old RC car, and your friend has the exact same RC car, his controller will not work with your RC car. The RC crystals control the radio waves and sync the two devices forming a bond that make them work together. 

If you do not have the RC crystals, the controller and the machine will not make the connection on the same frequency and the most amazing RC machine will stop working. No matter how big or small, every single device or machine that is radio controlled needs to have an RC crystal in both the controller and the device being controlled. 

Can beginners fly RC planes?

When most people think about flying the plane they think about older people and adults taking to the sky. With the development of drones though many young people have been considering upgrading to an RC plane instead of just a drone. 

If you were already flying a drone you may be wondering if you can fly an RC plane or what laws are required if you were just starting off. These are all good questions, and we are here to help. 

If you are just beginning to fly an RC plane, you can learn how to operate one pretty easily if you have a big open space. Having room to fly is key as you do not want to be flying around people or buildings as that may cause problems if you crash. If you get the right RC plane though, you can have a lot of fun flying an RC plane. 

One of the best RC planes to purchase if you are just starting off is the HobbyZone AeroScout S 1.1m. This RC plane is one of the easiest and since you are just starting off it is not too big for most beginners. 

The best part about this plane is that it comes ready to fly right out of the box. It is not overpriced, and because it is the easiest RC plane to fly for beginners, you will be flying in no time. 


Now that you know about RC crystals, you can see why they are so important. Just because you can technically change them out for a different one, does not always mean that you should. 

This is especially true of RC planes since changing the RC crystal in your RC plane can cause it to crash. Changing the crystals yourself is illegal. If you do change your RC crystal, you have to have it professionally tuned before your next take off otherwise you will be breaking the law. 

RC crystals are on more than just planes though, and since they are on every single radio controlled item, you can see just why they are so important. Without them, the devices would not be able to communicate and they would stop working. 

Thankfully no matter if you are a beginner or an expert, these RC crystals are already installed on your devices so all you have to do is turn them on. Once they are turned on, you can simply drive or fly your RC device anywhere you want without fear of losing connection.