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Can You Drive An RC Car On The Road? (Where To Drive It)

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If you own an RC car you may be wondering about all the different places you can drive it and have fun with it. If you just got one for Christmas or you’ve been racing for a while you probably know that after using the RC car for a few weeks you begin to run out of places to drive it. 

One of the biggest places that people will drive their RC car is in their backyard or around their house. The second place many people will use their RC car is on the road in front of their house. 

If you have considered using your RC car on the road though you’ve probably wondered if you can do it or if it is illegal. You do not want to get in trouble with a new toy, or if it is an expensive RC car have it be taken away. 

Although it is technically illegal to drive an RC car on the road, if you live in a subdivision or in a quiet neighborhood you will probably not get into any trouble. The only way you might get in trouble is if someone calls and complains that you are driving your RC car on the road. 

If this does happen there is no reason to panic as normally you will just be given a warning if the police happen to show up. 

This is why if you live in a small town, friendly neighborhood, or in a subdivision, most of the time you will see people playing with their RC cars on the road. Police are normally pretty lenient about this sort of thing and as long as no one complains, they do not care. 

If you are not comfortable driving an RC car on the road though you will want to make sure that you have plenty of places to drive your RC car around your house. If you do not have very many places around your house you may need to drive to a certain place that has enough space for you to drive your RC car around. 

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Can you drive RC cars in the sand?

Now that you know that it is illegal to drive your RC car on the road you may be looking for other places that you can use it. Obviously there is always the back or side yard of your house but if that is not very big you may be wondering what other options you have. 

If you live near a beach you may be considering taking it on the beach or driving it around in the sand. The problem with this is that you do not want your RC car to get stuck. If this happens, you will have to go and drag it out. 

It is perfectly fine to drive your RC car in the sand and honestly it is one of the most fun places to drive them. This is because the sand will go flying every time you accelerate and your tires will get extremely good grip as it digs into the sand every corner you turn. Watching the sand go flying as you race up and down and around every corner is a feeling of pure joy. 

If you do happen to have any issues while you were driving in the sand though they are normally pretty easy to fix as RC cars are good about getting unstuck. Because RC cars are normally waterproof you do not have to worry about the sand getting in any important parts of the car. 

Because sand gets everywhere you may want to consider hosing down the car after you get home in order to make sure that the sand does not get stuck in any of the wheels or bearings. This is just a precaution and is not needed after every time you drive in the sand. 

What can you do with an RC car?

If you just received an RC car as a gift or maybe you just purchased one, you may be wondering if they are actually fun to play with and what you can do with them. Maybe you’ve had an RC car for a while and they just seem boring to you and they are not very much fun anymore. 

There are actually a lot of things you can do with an RC car including building ramps, adding cameras, racing, demolition derbies, and so much more! The list of things you can do with an RC car is basically endless as some people have even added flotation devices and turn them into boats! 

One of the most popular things to do with your RC car is to build a ramp. This can normally be done by finding a piece of wood that is laying around and leaning it up against a toy or pile of dirt. If you have plenty of extra space you can even take a shovel and build your own ramp right out of dirt. 

Many people once they build ramps and jumps will want to mount a camera to their RC car in order to get a better view of what is going on and get some amazing videos. This can be done using a Gopro or some people will even strap their phone to the RC car to get the perfect video. 

If you have friends that own RC cars or maybe one of your family members, you can also have races. If you want a challenge you can create an obstacle course in your own yard as well! Creating an obstacle course is extremely easy and fun to do as you will simply be able to put items around the yard and have a specific course to follow. 

In order to have fun with an RC car you really do not need much besides an open area and an RC car. It is extremely easy to do and because RC cars are not expensive you and your friends can all purchase them and race against each other for a full day of fun and enjoyment! 


Now that you know that it is technically illegal to drive your RC car on the road if you live in an area where someone is going to call the police on you you may want to consider other places to drive your car. If you live in a good neighborhood and people are not normally annoying about what you do, you can use the road as a fun place to drive your RC car and never worry about getting in trouble. 

Because you can literally drive your RC car almost anywhere the options are almost endless for having fun with your RC car! If you live near a beach I highly recommend racing your RC cars in the sand or along the dunes. 

If you do not have a beach or any sand around you another great place to race your RC car is in the woods or even a park. If your skate park is not busy you may even be able to take your RC car to the skate park and use it on all of the jumps and ramps. 

No matter where you go to use your RC car you’ll find out that they are extremely fun to use and even if you do not have friends that own them they are not that expensive to purchase. If you would like to purchase more RC cars or buy one for your friends you can find them by clicking here