How Long Does the Mavic Mini Take To Charge?

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Drones can be used to capture images from unique perspectives and they are enjoyable to fly. Most drones have to be frequently charged due to their battery limitations. 

This means less flight time and more charging if you are using the drone for long periods of time. So if you want to use the drone over an extended amount of time, you will have to keep charging it. 

It normally takes about sixty to ninety minutes to charge a drone and the Mavic Mini is no exception taking ninety minutes to fully charge.

The Mavic Mini can charge in 90 minutes if you are using the DJI USB charger. If you are using a different charger or have changed the battery size then it could be slightly shorter or longer than this. 

The amount of time it takes a drone to charge depends on the features it has and also if you are using a USB or charging hub to charge it. It is said that the USB will take longer to charge the drone than the charging hub will. 

After being fully charged, the Mavic Mini has a flight-time of about thirty minutes if the weather is right. This drone is lightweight and its battery helps it to fly longer than other drones but if there are strong winds that it is fighting the battery will drain faster. 

There are some other things that can influence the time it takes the aircraft to charge. Battery size can affect charging time because larger drones have bigger batteries and these batteries take longer to charge. 

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Another thing that affects how long the drone charges for is the recharging method. Like I said before a charging hub can provide more power than a USB and thus charges the batteries faster. 

Temperature conditions can cause your drone battery to not charge as fast so avoid charging if it is too hot or too cold. 

And lastly, battery health can factor into charging a drone. A healthy battery will end up taking longer to charge since it will be able to charge the battery to full power capacity. A battery that isn’t healthy could end up charging faster just because it doesn’t have full power capacity anymore. 

In the end, it will most likely take an hour to an hour and a half  to charge any drone battery including the Mavic Mini. 

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How Do I Know When My Mavic Mini Is Fully Charged?(Can You Overcharge It?)

When you purchase a new drone there may be some things you have to learn about it. For instance the charging methods of a Mavic Mini. It’s simple to learn how to charge it and to know when it is fully charged. 

You may also be wondering if it is possible to overcharge the aircraft as you don’t want to damage the battery by doing that. 

When the Mavic Mini drone is charged, the LED light indicators for the battery will be lit letting you know. The drone will not overcharge since it just holds its charge after it is at full capacity and doesn’t continue charging. 

There are four LED light indicators on the top of the Mavic Mini. When it needs to be charged, all the lights will be off. When it is running low each light will start flashing and eventually turn off. When it is being charged each light will blink until all of them are on. 

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You know the drone is fully charged when all four lights are on. If all four LEDs are blinking simultaneously, then this is a sign that the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.

You cannot overcharge the battery of the Mavic Mini. It will stay in a kind of “hold” mode when the battery is fully charged. This way you can plug it in while you sleep and not have to worry about it overcharging. 

It is important that you fully charge the drone before you fly it for the first time. It will be in a kind of “sleeping” mode until its battery is at full capacity. When it is ready for another flight you will see all the LEDs lighting up.

How Do You Charge A Mavic Mini Fast? 

No one likes to wait for good things but all good things come to those who wait. Charging a drone may seem like it is taking a long time, but that is because it has so many features and a big battery to charge. 

There are a few things that may help the drone to charge faster but it will always take almost an hour for the battery to reach full capacity.

If you want to charge the Mavic Mini faster than the ninety minutes it normally takes you will have to purchase a special charger.

When charging a Mavic Mini drone, you will usually use a USB charger. But if you want to charge it a little faster consider getting a charging hub. This will decrease the amount of time it needs to be plugged in and so will give you more air time.

Use the right kind of chargers for your drone for the best results. Use an official micro charger, a two way charging hub, or a charging base to avoid damaging the battery. 

You can also use a powerbank for charging the aircraft. 

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Does The Mavic Mini Have To Be Fully Charged? 

So we know what to use to charge the drone but what about how charged it has to be to fly? Do you have to wait until it is charged all the way to use it? 

The answer to this question is you don’t have to but you should. Let’s explain why.

The Mavic Mini does not have to be fully charged before flying but It is a good idea. This way it will be ready for its flight and have longer air time.

If you are charging the Mavic Mini drone for the first time, it is important you charge it all the way. The drone will be in a kind of “sleeping” mode and when it is fully charged then it will be ready to be used. 

It may be hard to wait for the drone to charge but it will be worth it so you can spend a longer time flying it.

The flight time for a Mavic Mini is half an hour. To get the full thirty minutes, the battery has to be completely charged. When charging the Mavic Mini, you don’t have to charge it all the way but it is recommended so you don’t have to stop halfway through your flight because the drone’s battery has died. 

The aircraft will indicate how much battery it has so you know when you need to charge it.

Final Thoughts 

Drones are enjoyable for any age and offer you many hours of views from the sky. If you own a Mavic Mini drone, it will take about 90 minutes to charge. 

You should charge it all the way before your first flight. If you keep the drone charged then it will have longer flights as well so that’s what I would recommend. 

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