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Traxxas Vs Losi (What’s The Difference And Which Is Better?)

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Whether you have a Traxxas or Losi RC car, there is no denying that they are fun and exciting to drive. Their large wheels spin fast as they move over the ground dodging dirt and rocks along the way. 

Designed for off-roading and on-roading alike, these racing machines (monster trucks, short course trucks, rock crawlers, drift cars, etc.) cover a lot of ground very fast while also looking quite cool. 

Adults and children alike enjoy the RC hobby with some electric models being made to be very advanced and durable for some rough off-road driving across various terrain. If you are considering purchasing an RC car you most likely have come across many different brands in the RC industry.

I will go over two of the most popular RC brands in this article, Traxxas and Losi. What is the difference between these RC car brands and which one is the better option?

Traxxas is regarded by most people as the best in overall RC quality. It is also the best for most users who simply want to have fun in their yard or local park. 

Some RC racers prefer Losi over Traxxas however for most RC users who aren’t professionally racing (that would be me too) Traxxas is a better option. 

Between Traxxas and Losi, the decision of which is the better RC car all comes down to the difference between the different models and which qualities you prefer. 

Traxxas has been making RC cars for over 30 years beginning in 1986. They manufacture high-end and quality models that are great for off-road racing. 

Traxxas has many popular models like the:

  • Bandit
  • Stampede
  • Slash
  • Rustler
  • X-Maxx
  • Etc.

They seem to have an option for just about everyone. 

Over the years, Traxxas has developed a good reputation for building top-quality RC cars but Team Losi Racing is no slouch either. For bashing, it seems that Traxxas has first place in this area. 

Traxxas’ Stampede model is one of the world’s best-selling RC cars. If you are wanting to get your hands dirty in an extreme race, then Traxxas cars are the way to go.

Traxxas also offers their customers an expert level of performance from all of their remote-controlled vehicles. 

Losi started making RC cars just a couple of years after Traxxas in 1988 and grew quickly. They also offer their customers high-quality RC cars. While Traxxas may be superior in bashing it seems Losi is the better choice for racing. 

Losi uses more powerful motors when making their RC cars and also uses brushless instead of brushed motors. Brushless motors tend to perform better and last longer. Losi’s Mini-T model was made with racing in mind and it is said that the company makes better racing vehicles. 

It all comes down to what you prefer in an RC car. There are pros and cons to both manufacturers which I will go into detail further about in this article. 

To see the most popular Traxxas models just click here. 

Traxxas Slash 2Wd Short Course Racing Truck, Red

If you love RC Trucks then you will love the 2WD or 4WD Traxxas Slash!

With a top speed of over 60 mph, you will love driving this RC vehicle!

Is Traxxas Better Than Losi And How Are Their Cars Different? 

Traxxas vs Losi is a hard decision to make, so instead of making it for you, I wanted to give you some facts so you can choose for yourself which is the better brand of RC car. However, first I want to give my personal opinion on which option is better. 

Traxxas is better than Losi in many ways mainly because their cars are designed for regular users. Although Losi might have some models that are faster or have better engines, Traxxas is the best for the masses. 

The first reason why I feel that Traxxas is better than Losi is that they are better for bashing and everyday use. If you want to have an extreme and fun performance from your RC car then Traxxas makes some excellent models for just that. 

Traxxas is also more beginner-friendly compared to Losi because they are easy to use, durable, and sturdy while looking pretty cool. 

Both RC brands have RC vehicles that are RTR (ready-to-run) but Traxxas models are considerably easier to set up and need fewer fine tunes than Losi models do. Of course, some people prefer to be able to fine-tune the suspension, transmission, batteries, etc. on their RC vehicle but many others just want to hit the park or track and get driving.

The customer service at Traxxas is also very helpful. Accidentally break your truck? No worries. Just contact Traxxas so they can either give you instructions on how to fix it, send you the parts you need, or repair it for a fee. 

If you are just beginning RC car driving this is helpful when you may not know how to fix the car yourself. It always is nice to have great customer service and Traxxas offers just that. 

Need to buy some spare parts? It’s easy to find a part you need for your RC car. Simply pull up the model you own on their website and you will find all the parts for it. 

Traxxas vehicles are made with more technology than Losi cars. Some say that the electronic stability systems that they have added to their modern cars are only to gain attention, but the technology of it is effective. 

These are just a few of the reasons why Traxxas may be the best RC company to buy from. If you want a durable bashing machine, they have you covered.

Is Losi Better Than Traxxas?

As I said before, it’s difficult to choose between these two great RC car manufacturers. So, now that you know what Traxxas models are like, let’s look into Losi cars.

Losi is better than Traxxas if you are a hardcore RC racer. This is especially true if you race on a track or pavement. 

I already covered that the first reason why some people believe Losi is better than Traxxas is that they are better for racing. Their RC cars are made with brushless motors for better performance and they also last longer than brushed motors. Some of Losi’s buggies even feature more durable components than Traxxas cars. 

If you are looking for an RC car that is a better value for the price you spend on it, then Losi cars are the way to go. They tend to be more durable than their competitors and when making their vehicles, Losi costs a little bit more money for high-quality parts. 

Saying this, a Losi RC car will most likely last you a bit longer than a similar Traxxas model. Along with all of these great things about Losi, since they are more expensive, they can be harder to find. 

Your local hobby shop will be full of Traxxas models while some Losi models could be more difficult to obtain. The same goes for the Losi car parts. They will also be hard to find if they need to be replaced. 

So, for a more expensive, durable, race-worthy option, buy an RC car from Losi. They will supply you with the fast, epic-performance vehicle you need for all of your races.

Final Thoughts

Which RC car is better all depends on what you want in one of these RC racing machines. If you are looking for an easy-to-control bashing machine, Traxxas is for you. If you are wanting an RC car with more power in races and have more money to get it, then Losi is the company to go with. 

Find the best RC car for what you want and need. Either way, you choose to go, you will end up with an excellent and high-performance vehicle that is sure to turn heads and gain you victory during your next race.