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Where Can You Race RC Trucks?

Have you ever pulled out your RC truck and wanted to go and have some fun, but you were not sure where you could race it? Maybe this is your first time owning an RC truck and you are just looking for a place to meet people and race them for fun. Well, in this article we will answer all of your questions and go over everything you need to know about rc trucks and where to race them.

So where can you race RC trucks?

There are many places to race your RC trucks. They include parks, friends’ backyards, abandoned parking garages and buildings, (with permission) official tracks, and even local skate parks. 

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Where do most people race at?

Many Radio Control enthusiasts completely depend on their backyard tracks or a local park to be able to race their RC truck. However, apart from your backyard and the local parks, there really are other options for racing your RC truck. If there is an RC track close to you, preparing for and entering an RC competition can be such a good way to step up your game. While some race tracks would require you to own membership in a national organization before you can use them, some other race tracks are more relaxed. To start, first, do a local check and then get online and find out about the different places where you can race your RC truck. 

Where can I find information about local RC truck race tracks?

  • Local Hobby Shops

Your local RC hobby shop is the best place to begin when you’re looking for a different spot to race your RC truck. They will either have an RC track you can use on their premises, or they can easily recommend local RC tracks to you or even clubs that regularly organize track races on tracks that they specifically set up for weekly or monthly events. They will also help you gain insights into which tracks and races need you to have a membership before you can use them. In addition, your local hobby shop is a good place to meet and connect with other racers.

  • Quarter Scale Auto Club (QSAC)

This is a national organization, and it sets the rules for quarter scale RC oval track racing in the US. On a yearly basis, the club hosts a national championship race that happens in the fall of each year. Being a member gives you access to a great forum that offers information on where to get ready for the championship as well as individual races. The QSAC’s membership only runs at the races and sanctioned facilities of the organization. Having had 400 members on the books up till today, QSAC offers a lot of information, guidance, and companionship for all levels of RC racers.  

Can I find information online about racing RC trucks?

Apart from the physical sites, if you’re looking for a nice place to race your RC truck, here are online sites that can provide you with good and detailed information.

RC Car Action Track Directory

This is an online site for Radio Control Car Action magazine and is a perfect go-to place to get information for RC racers. Both hobbyists and serious enthusiasts will be able to find all of the information they could ever dream about right here! This site offers a detailed catalog of the best places you can visit to race your RC truck in roughly all the states of the United States. Also, if you’re looking for advice on buying your first RC vehicle, where to actually purchase one, as well as even how you can build your own, this site is a really good place to visit. In addition, you can have access to a good number of how-to videos as well as post questions and share information on the site’s forum, without any charges.

RC Universe

RC Universe is another detailed website that provides you with the information you need on almost everything an RC racer should know. You just need to get on the website and search their database by country, type, and keyword to find nice locations where you can race your RC car, helicopter, plane, boat, and of course, truck. Another good thing about this website is that if you want to buy or sell any RC vehicles, you can do that here as well. You can also read reviews on certain models of RC vehicles as well as join the forums, and even take classes in RC racing and operation. RC Universe also has its own YouTube channel featuring more than 2,000 videos that cover just about every facet of the RC world and everything you need to know about RC racing. Here is a video of them racing their cars at a skate park! 

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Product 145

This is a product review site for racers who play in the competitive team shooting game, Airsoft. It also includes a directory of RC tracks throughout the United States, so here, you can find and pick your preferred RC track. In addition, owners of RC vehicles can read reviews of the latest models, and you can also read articles on basic maintenance and repairs of your RC trucks and vehicles.

Hidden Gems

Although you probably just watched a video about people racing at a skate parks, most people do not realize that these are little gems that many people overlook when they are looking for a place to race. 

Although a lot of people worry about racing at a skate park and for a good reason, Skate parks can be very toxic for your RC truck. Normally, RC vehicles and skate parks are not the best of friends. Racing your RC truck in a skate park mostly just means that you’re ready for the rac to take a good beating. This is because with all of the jumps, you will end up scratching the rac up quite a bit. 

However, there are some RC trucks that you can comfortably race in a skate park. A few durable trucks make it easy for you to race in a skate park without being at the risk of damaging the truck.

One thing you should keep in mind is that if you have plans to race your RC truck at a skate park, you should consider getting an electric Traxxas Stampede. The electric can take a lot of the abuse a skate park would throw at it. You may break the left front caster block and the front bulkhead, but your truck would mostly be fine. Generally, the truck may require maintenance after racing in a skate parks, but it is still extremely fun! 

Electric trucks are generally a better choice for skate parks because a nitro truck would most probably take bad damage when it wrecks./ Only a single hard knock and your service arm would snap on your throttle. If this happens, then you’re faced with a fast runaway RC truck. Sadly, No failsafe can save you if this happens. It’s super difficult for the throttle servo to bring the engine back to idle if it’s not connected to the carb anymore. With skate parks, electric RC trucks, just make it simple.


Now that you know where you can race your RC truck, you can see why people go to certain places, and why some places are good, and other places are not so good. This normally has to do with the fees if there are any that particular place. You will normally find that every place that has higher dues, or them at all will be and look better than the places that are free for everyone.