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Why Is Traxxas The Best? (Plus Other Traxxas FAQs)

When you go to purchase an RC car you’ll find out there are many different brands and options that you can choose from. Choosing the right brand and the right RC car can seem very difficult when you first begin, but we are here to help. 

One of the most important things you will need to decide when you go to purchase your RC car is how much money you are wanting to spend. Based upon your budget you will then be able to decide which RC car you can afford. 

If you’re looking for the best RC car brand you may come across various opinions of which RC car is the best. However, most everyone agrees that the Traxxas RC cars are the best, but you may wonder why that is. 

Traxxas RC cars are the best because their RC cars are made with high quality parts as well as they last the longest. They are also built the strongest, most stable, durable, and are the fastest RC cars around. Above all else though, they have the best customer service! 

These reasons are just a few that Traxxas is known as the best RC car brand. Traxxas also has a lifetime warranty on their products and if any of their products break while you own  the vehicle you may simply contact them and they will replace it for only the part price plus $10 for shipping.

If you were looking to purchase a Traxxas RC car you may want to decide what model you are going for. Because many people feel that the best model is the Traxxas Slash, many people end up purchasing this model. 

Are Traxxas RC cars made in the USA?

There are so many different Traxxas RC cars to choose from that when you go to purchase them that you may be a little overwhelmed. Knowing if you want to just bash with your friends or if you are a hard core racer, will help you determine which RC car you want to purchase. 

Although Traxxas is based here in the USA, not all of their RC car parts are made in the United States. Most of the Traxxas RC car parts are made in a factory in Taiwan. They are then shipped to the United States and assembled where they are inspected before being packaged for use/sell. 

Even though the parts for the Traxxas RC car are not made here in the United States, Traxxas always goes through rigorous testing on their RC cars to make sure that they are made to their high standards. There are so many different Traxxas cars and all of them come with the warranty on their parts as well as amazing customer service. 

If you are purchasing a Traxxas RC car you are not just purchasing a name like you would with many products. Traxxas actually stands behind their products and will fix any issues that you may have with your RC car when you get it. 

One of the best things about Traxxas RC cars is that they come ready to use straight out of the box. This means from the moment your Traxxas RC car arrives at your house you will be able to simply open up the box, put in the battery, and start having fun. 

Why are Traxxas RC cars so expensive?

If you’re just starting off with your first ever RC car, you may be wondering why Traxxas RC cars are so expensive. Is it simply just because they are the best and so they charge more for their products? 

Although some companies do charge more for their product simply because they are known to be the best, Traxxas RC cars are actually more expensive than others because they are made with higher quality parts. When it comes to buying an RC car no matter what brand it is, you really do get what you pay for. 

If you want to purchase a cheap RC car so you can just have some fun and not worry about it lasting very long, then you will probably want to go with a cheaper option besides Traxxas. If you want a quality RC car and something that is going to last you a while and keep you happy, you will definitely want to purchase a Traxxas RC car. 

Even though Traxxas does have some more expensive RC cars for sale, they also have cheaper models that you can buy that have the same high-quality parts. The only difference is that these RC cars do not go as fast or have the 4×4 option. 

Even though these RC cars are not as expensive, you would still get the same customer service as if you purchased an expensive Traxxas RC car. If you want to purchase a cheaper Traxxas RC car you can find it by clicking here

Are RC cars an expensive hobby?

If you are considering purchasing an RC car for your next hobby, you should know that there are many opinions when it comes to this. From the time you open your first RC car you will probably be hooked and want to buy more.

The problem with just going out and buying a bunch of RC cars for fun is the fact that it can get expensive quickly. This is certainly true if you are purchasing nitro RC cars and not electric ones. 

Overall, RC cars do not have to be an expensive hobby. There are plenty of inexpensive RC cars out there that you can race and bash with that will not cost you very much and will last you a long time. Even though you can spend a decent amount of money on your first RC car, if you buy a quality one it will last you a long time and not cost anything to maintain. 

Because you can choose how much you spend on your RC cars you can choose if you want to make this hobby expensive or if you want it to be a cheaper hobby. Not everyone has the money to spend on an expensive hobby but everyone loves racing RC cars. 

Once you race your first RC car it is easy to want to buy a few more. If you do not have the money to buy more, you may simply continue racing with the one that you originally purchased. This will help keep the cost of your RC car hobby inexpensive. 


Now that you know about Traxxas RC cars it is easy to see why they are the number one brand when it comes to RC cars. They are unsurpassed by any other company when it comes to quality as well as customer service and making the best RC cars ever. 

Even though they are not technically made here in the USA they are still assembled here and are made with the highest quality parts. They also go through rigorous testing to make sure that they are up to the standards of Traxxas.

Even though Traxxas RC cars may seem expensive when you first go to purchase them, you will soon realize that they are not that expensive because they are made with such good quality. If you purchase a cheaper RC car you will get the quality of a cheaper RC car and it will break on you fairly quickly. 

Overall it is easy to see that Traxxas is by far the best RC car brand and all of their RC cars are made with the best possible parts. It is also easy to see that their customer service surpasses any other RC car brand and why everyone loves Traxxas.