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Are Rc Cars Fun? 9 Ways To Have More Fun

Whether you’re an adult or a child, RC cars are the one thing that almost everyone will find to be fun. RC cars offer you plenty of opportunities to create exciting moments with family and friends. There are lots of different things you can do to have fun, with a remote control car. The activities you can do will vary depending on the model you have and you imagination

RC cars used to just be something that kids would play with for a few minutes when they got it for a birthday or Christmas present. In recent years however RC car manufacturers have made bigger and better cars and now RC cars can easily reach speeds of 50+MPH! The increases in technology and battery sizes have made RC cars something that is fun for all ages. 

No matter how old or young you are, you can find an RC car that will fit you and what you want to do and allow you to have tons of fun while doing it. 

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into the  different activities you can do to have fun with your RC car. 

Build a ramp

You can’t have an RC car and not be thinking about building a ramp (that’s if you haven’t already built one). 

Ramps are a must-have for owners of RC cars. With a ramp, you can do just about anything you can imagine from jumping over things and people to driving up and spinning the car while it is in the air! What makes this even better is the fact that you won’t be in any danger and you can still have all the fun you want. Ramps let you do even the most impossible and dangerous things you wouldn’t dare try with your regular sized car. 

You can try spins, front-flips, back-flips, jumping backwards and much much more. All of these are possible when you have a ramp that you have built. What tricks will you try? 

Check out the video below for some awesome ideas or to simply watch people have fun with their ramps! 

Mount A Camera

What’s not to love about mounting a camera on your RC car? It’s a whole different level of fun. This just lets you get a better view of your RC car while it’s in action. With just a small camera sitting on top of your car, you can zoom in on everything that the car can see or record yourself doing some cool tricks. 

This is the perfect way to get a whole new experience and view of your RC driving.  You’re surely going to have a great time watching the different tricks or wrecks and you might even be able to make some money on the side by selling the footage! 

 If you really want to have maximum fun with your RC car, you should consider mounting a camera.


This has the potential to damage your remote control car, but it’s still a lot of fun. You just need to set up some cans and see how many of those your car can crush or knock over.  Make sure that the cans are empty in order to limit the potential for damage to your RC car. Full cans will easily cause damage while empty ones shouldn’t be too bad. 

You could even set up an obstacle course using empty cans or bottles and try and knock them over or try to avoid them as well. The possibilities are endless. 

Mud and snow running

You’re probably also going to find it fun, as a lot of people do, to take your RC car out in the mud or snow and let it throw dirt and snow around. Trying to get it out from the mud or snow, without the use of your hands, is another way to make this activity fun for you. 

If your remote control vehicle is a truck, you may find this even more fun. You’re going to get your hands really dirty with the mud, though, but it’s a lot of messy fun. If you’re doing this with snow, then it’s way cleaner and not so messy but, you’re also going to be dealing with the fact that it’s a lot colder.

Just make sure to clean up your vehicle after doing this as you don’t want to destroy it by letting it corrode. A quick cleaning when you are done making a mess is always a worthwhile step to take. 


You can play with two RC cars at once to make it even more fun. You know, the more the merrier. You can have two cars of unequal strength and let them do a tug-o-war until one car pulls the other over the drawn line or into the obstacle. The first car to pull the other over the line wins. 

To make this even more fun you can do it against a friend or frenemy  and both of you see who’s RC car is better or stronger! 

It is important to know that you might damage the motor or tires on your RC car when you do this however.

Races and demolition derbies

Racing a remote control car is already a lot of fun. But, you can take it a bit further with demolition derbies, which are even more fun. Here, you can have cars knock each other over and see which car is the last one standing. 

Since you will be crashing into other cars  then you might damage the body a bit but if you are good with the controls you might not hurt it too bad.  You could even put an old body on the car and only use that old body on it when you have these types of races. 

Rock hopping & rock crawling

This activity requires excellent skills and determination. Sometimes, you will have to use force to get up some of the rocks as some of them can be quite challenging. You will certainly enjoy getting to see what your remote control car can crawl and climb over. 

It’s also fun to see how well you can drive the car as hopping and crawling requires a good amount of practice to get it right. 

 Hopping and crawling is a lot more fun with off-road remote control cars. Plus, some of the bigger off-road RC cars can make big leaps on large rocks.

Tractor pulls

Would you love to see how much weight your remote control car can pull? This is surely a perfect option for you. Of course, bigger cars can pull more and the really big ones can pull wagons or other heavy items. Now, get your RC car to work, and let’s see how much it can pull. 

Check out this video below of RC cars pulling a full size vehicle to see what i mean! 

Obstacle courses

Set up a few obstacles and watch to see how many of these obstacles your RC car can climb over. Here’s a game you can do whether you’re indoors or out. It’s also very much like a race as you can try and see which car completes the course the fastest or even try racing head to head over and around the obstacles. 


Remote control cars can surely be a whole lot of fun, and it doesn’t matter what your age is. Children and adults alike can have a marvelous time with an RC car. 

More than just racing, there is a lot that you can do for fun with your RC car. Just a little bit of creativity and some willingness to be wild can make it so much more fun to own an RC car. 

Hopefully this article has given you some fun things that you can try the next time that you are wanting to take your RC car out for some fun.