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Are RC Crawlers Fun? & Fun Things To Do With Them

When it comes to the word of RC cars there are a variety of different style vehicles on the market. One of the most fun vehicles to drive is the RC rock crawler. 

The RC rock crawlers are certainly a whole lot of fun to drive over and off of obstacles. There’s really just something exciting about slowly going up and over an obstacle that looks impassable but your RC car can handle with ease. RC crawlers aren’t about top speed as the fastest most of them go is 10-20mph. Instead they are all about climbing over and on obstacles without turning over and not being able to make it up. 

Whether you would consider an RC crawler as fun or not is really only something that YOU can answer. Some people want to go as fast as possible and don’t care about climbing over rocks while other people prefer the challenge of trying to climb giant boulders without flipping their car. 

In general, RC cars are one thing almost everyone can have a lot of fun with, both adults and children alike. They come with a great opportunity to make the most exciting moments. There are many different things that you can do with your RC car for fun and this applies to rock crawlers as well. 

In this article, we will examine the different activities you can do, for fun, with your RC crawler. Don’t forget that doing these activities with your RC crawler might also mean that you have to be ready to carry out maintenance because the fun may put your car in possible danger if you aren’t careful enough. 

Before we dive into the fun activities that you can do with your RC crawler here is a video of some of the best RC crawler competitions that you have ever seen! 

You can mount a camera on your RC crawler

Mounting a camera on your RC crawler is a whole different level of fun. With this, you can get a much better view of your RC car while it drives over and around obstacles. You only need to have a small camera mounted on your RC car, and you can zoom in on every single thing that car can see. Doesn’t that sound like fun? 

For many people this is a perfect way to get a mind-blowing driving experience. There is no way you won’t have an awesome time watching the results of your run over and over again. Consider mounting a camera if you are really looking to get maximum fun from your RC crawler.


This game has you playing with two RC cars at once to have even more fun. Here, you get your RC crawler and another car making sure they’re both about equal strength and let them do a tug-of-war until one of the cars can pull the other over the line or into the obstacle. 

A good way to do this is to have the two RC cars on the same obstacles and have a shorter rope. That will allow the drivers to show off their skills of climbing on the obstacles while also competing against their opponent. 

Build a ramp

Having an RC car simply means that you need to be thinking about building a ramp if you haven’t already done that. Ramps are a must-have that you really don’t want to miss. When you have a ramp, you can do activities that you would normally not do with your RC car. Better still is the fact that you won’t be putting yourself in any danger, and you can still have the very best time with your RC. Ramps make it possible, easy, and safe for you to do even the most impossible and scary things you can’t try with your regular sized car. 

You can set up ramps in various formations to use your RC crawler to climb over them. You can also set up the ramp to jump the crawler off the ground onto obstacles as well. The options are virtually endless.  

Rock hopping & rock crawling

You can do this one if you have skill and determination. You would need to use force, sometimes, to drive up some rocks since some of them can be quite difficult to climb or maneuver on.  Also, you would surely love to see what your RC crawler can crawl and climb over. Plus, you can test your driving skills for fun.

If you want to you can even set up a contest to see which car can hop on the most rocks without turning over or getting stuck. 


This has quite a significant potential to damage your remote control car, but it still offers you a lot of fun. All you need to do is set up some cans, bottles or other objects to see how many of them your crawler can climb over and crush under its weight. Ensure that the cans are empty so as to limit the risk of damage to your RC car. Full cans typically pose a higher risk of damage. You will also want to take the caps off any bottles to ensure that they can get crushed. 

Mud and snow running

You might want to watch your RC crawler race out in the snow or mud and watch it and see how it handles the elements. Even if your RC crawler gets stuck it’s still  fun when you try to get the car out without using your hands. 

This can be a messy way to have fun especially if you have to climb into the snow or mud to retrieve your RC car. Make sure that you clean your crawler thoroughly after doing this to ensure that it isn’t damaged by leaving the dirt and moisture on it. 

Obstacle courses

With an RC crawler you won’t want to set up a traditional obstacle course as what is the fun in that. You will want to set up some giant obstacles that your RC crawler will have to climb up and over instead of around. 

You can really use your imagination with this one as you could even have bridges between obstacles that the crawlers have to maneuver on without falling off or even combine the obstacles with crushing of items as mentioned above. 


Using your RC crawler can easily be your absolute favorite pastime as you do some of these fun activities mentioned above. Whether it’s just you or it’s you and your kids, your crawler is a great way to have a fun time. 

With an RC crawler it’s not just about regular races and who can go the fastest either. You don’t have to try and race against anyone as having fun with a rock crawler is something that can be done by yourself as well. Simply seeing what you and your crawler are capable of and stretching your limits to see what you can do is a great way to spend an afternoon or weekend. 

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