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What Are The Best Off-Road RC Cars?

Young or old, we all love to have the best possible experience when it comes to RC cars. Life as a hobbyist often starts with the smaller remote-controlled cars that are designed to just be used inside or for a few minutes in the yard, and as we get older we advance to high-end RC cars designed for racing! 

This progression often doesn’t take place over night but instead over many years as people often get their first RC car as a child and later get back into the hobby as an adult. 

Since the RC world has many different types and models of cars then finding the right one for you to use when off-roading can be a bit difficult for most people. This is especially true if you are just getting back into the hobby or have never purchased more than a toy grade RC vehicle before. 

Some of the best RC vehicles to use off-road are: 

  • Redcat Racing Volcano EPX
  • Redcat Racing Shockwave buggy 
  • Tamiya Tam58372 RC truck
  • Traxxas Stampede RC monster truck
  • Traxxas Slash RC truck 

These super advanced RC cars are designed for people who aren’t afraid of spending a little bit of money to get the top of the line vehicle as the cheapest one on this list (the Traxxas Slash) still costs hundreds of dollars. There are other cheaper off-road RC cars that you can buy from generic companies (such as those found here) but those are never as good of quality as the name brand ones mentioned above. 

Today the market for these “grownups toys” is highly saturated with a wide range of RC cars ranging from affordable, mid-range to eye-watering expensive vehicles that not just anyone would buy.

With such a vast army of RC cars to choose from, I decided to make a list of the 5 best ones that money can buy. Of course none of these models will leave you high and dry and the best RC cars will also help you become more into the RC hobby rather than making you wish you had never gotten into it. 

Below, you will learn the best RC cars for off-road use that are all good quality and come from a good brand as well. Certainly that isn’t to say that those models that aren’t on this list are bad (as there are many great models) but these 5 are sure to not let you down the next time that you head off-road. 

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

This model is one of the best RC trucks for newbies so if you are just starting out in the hobby of the RC world, this is an amazing choice. It can cost up to half of what other premium branded RC trucks will usually cost and the Redcat EPX is full electric, made for durability, good power, and it is easy to replace broken parts when the need arises. 

On the con side, this truck comes with a weak battery at just 2000mAh, however, this can be upgraded by grabbing a different battery pack. 

Despite the poor battery, though, this model will provide the needed fun and works great for off-road use. More features include a full suspension, a polycarbonate body as well as all of the internal electronic components required to make the RC truck run are included and already assembled when you buy it. 

You can learn more about this RC vehicle by clicking here. 

Redcat Racing Shockwave RC buggy

Our list is topped by cost-effective RC cars. The second on the list is the Redcat nitro-powered Shockwave buggy. The prices are high for many similar unique vehicles, cutting out the majority of other buggies and trucks but this model is relatively cheap and comes with a 2.67cc vertex engine, a polycarbonate body with high-quality electronics for steering, shocks, servos, transmitter, the whole 9 yards.

The vehicle has an aggressive stance that offers the best, firm landing when performing any kind of jumps. This RC buggy also has every part as an interchangeable part that allows you to fully customize the model from top to bottom if you choose to do so. You can also upgrade the model to your idea of perfection, and in case of breakage, you are sure to find parts and replacements without too much difficulty. 

You can learn more about this model as well as check out the reviews for it here

Tamiya TAM58372 high-lift RC truck

Tamiya is a great hobby-grade material RC manufacturer. This model comes in the Ford F350 kit, which is no exception to that. 

Although this is probably not the best RC truck for jumping and high speeds, it’s one of the best models that will do well in crawling rocks and looks fantastic.

Focusing our attention to this Ford F-350 kit, it quite simply is outstanding. It’s a masterpiece truck from top to bottom made with super designed rock-solid material which makes it the best for off-road use. 

For the love of craftsmanship, you will end up paying a pretty penny and a premium. The cost covers the kit without the electronics so this model is certain not ready to run right out of the box. 

That is something that you will have to decide if you are okay with when fingering out whether you will choose this model or not. 

The truck calls for a fatter wallet but for more rock crawling type of capabilities; you can’t go wrong with this truck. I will certainly say this is one of the best RC trucks when it comes to more “realistic” features and looks.

You can learn more about this model and what you will need exactly to build it by clicking here

Traxxas Stampede monster RC truck

The best for a high jumping and great for beginners as well, this quick and durable RC truck comes in several types such as the rear-wheel-drive, or the 4 wheel drive models. The main difference here is the cost, aside from that the two are identical and you can get whichever you prefer. 

Both trucks are RTR (ready to run) with a transmitter and all the internal electronics intact. It has a polycarbonate body, movable parts, suspension, gears, durable wheels and the parts can easily be adjusted and changed out as needed. 

Straight for the box, you can hit up to 30-35 miles per hour and enjoy a 15-20 minute run time depending on how hard you drive the vehicle. The incredible thing about the truck is that all the internal electronics are 100% waterproof. In the case of after-sales services, Traxxas is always available and easy to get hold of. 

They offer a wide range of ways to make the truck your own by upgrading parts to allow for better power, runtime, suspension, and more. 

You can read other reviews on this model on Amazon by clicking here

Traxxas Slash RC truck

The Traxxas Slash is a true definition of an RC car. It’s a highly loved radio-controlled vehicle designed with sophisticated suspension, differential and overall layout that makes this RC truck run great. It has a polycarbonate body suitable for rough driving and durability and is made of high-quality components.

It’s great for off-road bashing and that is made possible by its ridged low center of gravity, soft and durable shocks, adjustable front and rear sway bars, sealable center differential and a host of other small components that can quickly be swapped out for new if needed or wanted. 

This RC car can cost a bit more compared to others in the same level if you choose to go with the 4 wheel drive model or the one with the upgraded motor. The 2WD version is actually priced quite well surprisingly. 

By far it’s the best RC car you can buy at the moment and do as many crazy stunts with it as you want and still take it home in one piece.

You can learn more about the Slash and the different models offered by clicking here. 


With such a vast army of RC cars to choose from, knowing which ones are the best money can buy for off-road use can be difficult. I hope that this article and the list of the current best options available on the market has been helpful to you. 

 Ultimately you have to decide if you prefer a more expensive model (the Tamiya) or the middle of the line (Traxxas) or if you prefer to save some money and go with the Redcat models. You will likely not be disappointed with any of them so make your decision and get to racing!