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What Is The Best RC Truck For Bashing? (What To Look For In A Basher)

 For a long time, bashing has been the most popular way of using the RC truck. In case you don’t know what bashing is, it’s casually using an RC car without racing in mind. This is similar to how you would use the RC car if you were using the vehicle in your backyard. 

Many people love bashing, or just messing around with other people as it is simply fun to do. If you don’t have fun or go bashing with your RC car, you are probably taking things a little too seriously and you need to let go and relax a little. Yes, it is fun to race and even win, but if you are never having fun with your RC car, what is the point of even owning one. 

Just like you have a specific RC car for racing, and one for indoors, you should probably have a specific RC car for bashing. This will make sure that you do not break or ruin your racing RC cars while you are using it for fun. It is never a good idea to use a finely tuned racing RC car for bashing unless you are not going to use it for racing again.

A bashing car should be an RC car that you do not care about if it gets hit or flipped or a little bent out of shape. Because people love to have fun, and we are no exception, many people want to know what the best RC truck is for bashing. 

The best RC truck for bashing is the Traxxas Slash. The Traxxas Slash is super fun to bash with, a great RC car, and it comes fully ready to use straight out of the box! If you get this RC truck for bashing, you are bound to have the best RC truck out of all of your friends! 

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Bashing RC models have several things in common. They are quite resistant, sturdy, great power, and they are affordable. There’s something for everybody on this list, no matter if you are on a budget or are only looking at cars with confident acceleration.

Traxxas Slash 2Wd Short Course Racing Truck, Red

If you love RC Trucks then you will love the 2WD or 4WD Traxxas Slash!

With a top speed of over 60 mph, you will love driving this RC vehicle!

What you should search for in an RC basher

The most crucial thing a basher can have is its reliability and sturdiness. You are most likely to be throwing the car around and maybe even crashing it sometimes. This is why it should be able to resist the right amount of abuse. The more protecting the vehicle has on the sides and in the front, the better.

RC Bashers requires a certain amount of ground clearance to be appropriately enjoyed. The median basher will be covering some very uneven ground if you are going to be using your car in terrains other than asphalt. It’s a good idea to have an RC car with as much ground clearance as possible.

Bashers must be affordable. Initial purchase and maintain down the road should be both affordable. Since bashers are usually considered as less premium than racers, they are thought to be more suited for the newbie looking to get started with the hobby, which is why they need to be rather affordable. Also, the spare parts must be both plentiful and less expensive. The reason is you are most likely going to have to do a swap every so often


The best RC backyard bashers for everyone

Traxxas Slash

The Traxxas Slash is the best RC car for bashing available on the market. Traxxas has developed a reputation for making a very sturdy and dependable truck that can ride, and this holds for their signature car, the slash, which has been touted as unbreakable by some enthusiasts.

One of the chief merits of the Traxxas slash is the fact that it’s quite affordable for what you get. Also, Traxxas RC is the one that has most parts availability among all RC car brands. This is great if you are thinking of staying with this car for the long term. Replacing a servo motor transmitter, it’s also going to be quite cheap. Traxxas can go anywhere, and they are known for being extremely durable. 


  • Traxxas is affordable, basher perfect for the newbie.
  • Traxxas spare parts are plentiful and cheap.
  • Sturdy heavy-duty construction.


  • Performance is not the best in its class.

Arrma Senton

If you are searching for something with more performance, both on the road and off the path, then Arrma senton is for you. Its combination of torquey motor, light but the resistant frame, and 4×4 capability makes this one of the best models on the list. If you are looking for something more potent than she slashes, Arrma is the one.

The major pro about this car is the fact that it’s quite faster than the most models in this list. The mega 12T motor is not a thing to write home about, but with a proper battery, this RC can be faster than some mid-range buggies. If the pace of your RC car is something necessary to you, but you also require something flexible that can ride on pretty much any terrain with nature, then this might be the RC truck for you.

The frame isn’t as weighty as many truggies on the market, and that’s why it’s quite fast. Arrma didn’t sacrifice the long-lasting of it; in fact, this model can take quite the punishment, which is one other reason why this is such a popular choice for bashing.

There’s one caveat with this truck, and it’s a little bit more expensive than the slash above. Getting spare parts for this model isn’t as easy as with the slash above, and they are more expensive too.


  • The torquey motor makes this a very speedy truck.
  • Light but the resistant frame.


  • Can be expensive

Losi Tenacity

If you are searching for a basher with very nimble handling and almost buggy like levels of maneuverability, look no further. The Losi has been on the market for years, and the tenacity is no exception. For a long time, this has been a favorite because it’s so versatile. This car is a little bit smaller than the other trucks in this list. This is officially a truggy, but when you examine the ground clearance, it sincerely doesn’t resemble it.

The absence of ground clearance of this model allows it to have excellent handling and maneuverability. Combine this with a powerful brushless motor, and you have a capable RC car. Losi has done a superb job of ensuring customers are satisfied with their purchase, providing excellent customer service, and less expensive and easy to find servos.

The absence of ground clearance gives this RC car some advantage, but some demerits, too, such as the fact that this model will find itself stuck on some terrains that other models on this list will pass with no issues


  • One of the best handling truggies on the field.
  • The potent brushless motor will satisfy most enthusiasts.


  • absence of ground clearance might be a con for some
  • The truck is expensive

RedCat Racing Volcano

Red cat RC car is great if you are searching for something long-lasting but affordable that will not let you down as soon as you hit an obstacle. While this is an excellent car for the money, it’s an inferior product when compared to the truggies above.


  • A very affordable way to get a decent basher.
  • Very cool stylish
  • It is cheap


  • Build quality is inferior to the other RC cars on the list.

No matter what RC car you use for bashing, any of these we have just gone over are great for bashing and will work for having some fun off the track.