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Are Arrma RC Cars Any Good?

There are very many RC brands on the market today that are all competing with one another. In the midst of many top brands which have been producing very high-quality ready-to-run RC vehicles, Arrma is one brand that is also making a good name for itself. Over the years, Arrma has produced and released some really unique, fun, and high-quality vehicles.

Arrma’s lineup of RC cars is focused on off-road vehicles that are designed essentially for bashing in the backyard and speed runs in the parking lot. They also design buggies and trucks that are very attractive as well as fast, with some of the best models they design able to handle 6S LiPo battery power.

But, are Arrma RC cars any good?

Arrma RC cars are robust performing vehicles that do not come at such expensive prices as some other RC cars. With Arrma, you can get good quality cars for far less than what you would pay from other brands. Arrma focuses on creating RC cars that are fun, durable, and super-fast so you are sure to be pleased with your purchase from them. 

 Now, if you’ve been wondering about vehicles from the Arrma brand and wondering if they’re any good, the answer is yes. Arrma actually produces some of the best RC vehicles there are on the market. On every Arrma model, you can expect to find 2.4GHz radio systems, durable components and chassis construction, waterproof, and water-resistant electronics, and they are all ready-to-run models.

Arrma comes with a variety of different models and we will go into detail on a few of their top models below. You can also check out this video below that will allow you to see one of their cars going over 100MPH!!!

Arrma RC Vehicles

There are many great Arrma RC cars that prove that they are good vehicles but instead of just giving you a giant list of all of their different models we wanted to do something different. We narrowed it down to what we thought were the  best 5 RC cars that Arrma produces and gave more details about those vehicles to help you decide for yourself! 

Arrma Fazon Voltage Truck

This one is an excellent starter RC car, good for both on and off-road racing. Powered by a mid-mounted 20T 540 brushed motor, the Fazon offers a 25 mph top speed, which is just perfect for beginners honing their driving skills. 

This truck also comes ready-to-run with the transmitter, 2S car batteries, and battery charger. With a great aesthetic appeal, it comes with slotted front tires and tread on the rears, which make it good for use on varied loose surfaces. 

The Arrma Fazon itself includes two 1500MAh Li-Ion batteries as well as a trickle charger, and you can either run the car on the two batteries available or get supplements to bring the system up to 4 or 6 batteries so you can get more runtime. 

Arrma’s MEGA SRS ESC stands right above the battery compartment supporting 7.4V (2S) Li-Ion batteries, 7.4V (2S) LiPo as well as also 6-7 cell NiMH batteries with low-voltage cutoff protection. The on-board electronics are combined with an all-in-one brushed-ESC/receiver making sure that performance is not compromised while still being able to sell the car at an affordable price.

The unit is a waterproof one that comes with rubber seals, an aluminum heat sink, a short antenna, and a 5pin as well as 3pin servo plugs that feature a 5v/1amp BEC supply. 

With everything that this car comes with and seeing as it is so affordable, this is one of the most unbeatable cars on the RC market.

Arrma Granite Brushed Monster Truck

The Granite is an off-road all-wheel-drive monster truck that comes all packed and ready to run. It includes a TTX300 2.4GHz radio system, MEGA ESC, ADS-5 servo, 2400mAh 8.4V 7-cell NiMH battery, and a wall charger. It also comes with three hex wrenches (1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm) and a multi-tool to ensure that it runs excellently. 

Its powerful drivetrain and high ride height make sure that it can survive tough terrains, and it comes with a 4×4 drivetrain as well. Its big chunky wheels and tires are positioned at the edges to provide more climbing capability as well as stability. Its high-sided molded composite bathtub chassis provides protection to the electronics and drivetrain and minimizes the dirt and debris getting into the chassis. 

It comes with telescopic driveshafts in the front, the rear, and the centerline to transmit drive to every wheel from the slipper clutch. The high-torque 550 size-12 brushed motor is mounted opposite the battery to ensure that weight is perfectly distributed. It also features a good quality transmitter and a waterproof 5kg steering servo mounted to the electronics box in front of the chassis. 

This car has been specifically designed to enable maintenance and give you great performance. It can be found on Amazon by clicking here

Arrma Senton Brushed Short Course Truck

The Arrma Senton bathtub chassis electronics come with molded plastic bumpers that extend the chassis under the body and out at the shell’s edges to protect the car from light impacts. The Senton also comes with 5 spoke wheels enclosed in narrow tires with less tire wall. 

Just like the Arrma Granite above, the Senton is designed to run excellently and provide great performance as well as allow easy maintenance. As a matter of fact, this car greatly resembles the Arrma Granite. 

This model is available with a brushed or brushless motor with the brushless model being more expensive but also receiving better reviews. You can check the brushed one out on Amazon here. 

We will discuss the brushless option below. 

Arrma Senton Brushless 6S BLX Short Course Truck

With the power it offers, and with the right motor, the Senton 6S can offer more than 60mph in speed! It comes with a revised body-shell with the updated matte paint scheme, rear aero vents, decals, and removable clear spoiler. A new upper brace and solid shock tower support provide support to the inside of the body. 

The larger part of the chassis, hubs, and lower arms are flagged by 6s shell red-anodized metal parts to brace any area that will likely have to take a hard landing. On top of the red-anodized adjustable suspension struts are shock cap protectors. 

The BLX 2050kV brushless motor provides all the speed and torque for a fun race, and the motor also features gold bullet connectors as well as an aluminum-finned body to support cooling. Plus, it comes with a 15KG metal gear servo that is just ready to take any abuse.

This model has excellent reviews on Amazon and they can be seen here

Arrma Typhon Brushless Buggy

This 1/8th scale buggy is 20 inches long and 7.5 inches tall with a wheelbase that is just a little less than 13 inches.The Typhon also comes with a 3mm thick anodized aluminum chassis, beefy suspension components, three full-metal geared differentials, and steel driveshafts all throughout. 

The durable dBoots tires are pre-installed on the big wheels and work just perfect for a variety of terrains. 

A 15kg metal-gear waterproof servo is included and fitted with a servo saver to get the job done. You can adjust the shock absorbers for height just as you can adjust the battery tray to accept cells up to 158 x 48 x 51mm in size.

They offer this model in brushed as well as brushless. The brushless model (pictured above) can be found by clicking here. 

The brushed motor option can be found on Amazon here for considerably cheaper. 


Arrma makes a wide variety of RC cars with a wide variety of price points. In general they are less expensive than Traxxas models while the quality is quite similar. Many people prefer to pay more for a Traxxas model while others prefer the style and price of the Arrma brand. 

Ultimately it is up to you which one you prefer so looking at the specs of Arrma as well as other comparable models and brands is always a good idea.