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Where Is The Traxxas Serial Number?

If you need to register your RC car with Traxxas for warranty coverage or you need it for another reason it is obviously important to know where on your Traxxas vehicle that you can find it. 

Many people who are wondering where to find their Traxxas serial number have had all kinds of issues trying to find it since Traxxas doesn’t exactly make it easy to find on most models. Also where exactly the serial number is at can change from model to model. 

On most Traxxas models the serial number will be located in the battery tray. If your model doesn’t have it there then the other place that Traxxas puts it is underneath the ESC. 

The Traxxas serial number should  start with a letter and is followed by will typically be on a silver sticker as well so once you find that in the battery tray or under the ESC you know you found the serial number. 

Many people wonder why Traxxas seems to “hide” the sticker with the serial number on it and doesn’t simply place it on top or on the underside of the body. While that seems like a good place to put it in regards to being easier to find long term that would be a horrible place for it. 

That is because the sticker would easily get damaged, destroyed, or ripped off if it was not in a place that was protected from the elements of RC racing. So that is why Traxxas “hides” it in the battery tray or under the ESC. To protect it from the elements and to make sure that you can still read it after many years of racing. 

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Are the Traxxas model and battery serial number the same?

As with above with the location of the serial number varying by model this answer varies as well. The reason that it is different is because some Traxxas models come with the batteries while others require the batteries to be purchased separately. 

If your model had the battery included then the battery and model should both have the same serial number. If the battery was purchased separately then the serial numbers will be different. 

Since each individual item will have a different serial number then if you had to purchase the battery separately then the serial number will be different as well. As you probably know every individual product has its own serial number which means if you buy an extra battery then the Traxxas model and battery serial number will be different even if you buy it from the Traxxas store for that specific model.

Some people also ask whether the serial number and the model number both are the same? The answer is no. 

A model number and the serial number are different. A model number is a unique number given to each individual product line that is made while a serial number is specific to only one model. For example, Traxxas has many different model numbers, some of them are 77 Traxxas X-Maxx, 49 T-Maxx, 68 Slash 4×4,37 Rustler. These 47,49,77 are the model numbers. 

The serial number for each individual model would be found in the two spots mentioned above and would certainly be different than the model number for the RC vehicle. 

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Is Traxxas serial number important for the warranty?

Traxxas offers a lifetime warranty on electronics but you still need to pay a warranty fee to get the part replaced (fees can be found here). There are also some conditions too as if the Traxxas vehicle has been broken or somehow damaged by your or if it is damaged by water then Traxxas will not swap out any of the electronic parts.

Back to the question of whether the Traxxas serial number is important to get the warranty or not. The short answer is yes you need the serial number.. Traxxas will give you a warranty card when you purchase the model where the model and serial number will be written. So in order to use the warranty, you don’t need to memorize the serial number, you just have to give them the information from the warranty card or paper that Traxxas will give you.

In the end, knowing your serial number is important for the warranty and to be able to get replacement parts for your RC vehicle using it.  

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Where is the Traxxas model number? 

Traxxas model numbers are not as easy to find as the serial numbers typically are. But if you know how to break down the part number then its easy to tell what is the model number is. There are some  simple pieces of information that will tell you what you need to know about your Traxxas vehicle.

77086-4 suppose it’s a parts number on your Traxxas vehicle and you have to find the model number then how can you find it? It’s easy the first two numbers designate the model number of Traxxas vehicles. In this case, it is 77 that is the Traxxas X-Maxx RC vehicle’s model number.

Here the 6 designates which radio system is included. This position number will always represent this on Traxxas models. In this case, the last number is 4 that tells the features. It can be a single or 2 digit number depending on different models but it will be at the last one or ones. The 4 shows that there was no battery or charger included with the purchase. 

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Serial Number Benefits

The primary benefits of the serial numbers are the ability they provide to track and trace each item back through its supply chain. Once a product has been assigned a serial number it can be traced from the point of origin to the customer. Nearly all components have their own serial numbers to identify them.

This traceability assists with tracking goods between warehouses, pipeline inventory and post-sale guarantees. Serial number tracking helps with the servicing of consumer warranties, where a serial number is recorded against an exact sale, and shown in a customer’s purchase record.

The serial number also helps to improve accuracy. Serial numbers improve tracking flexibility by recording the serial numbers as the product is received or shipped. Suppose we are talking about the e-commerce marketplace. When you place an order in an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon then Amazon will give you an order number, right? The order number is not matched with the product serial number. The order serial numbers will help to track your product in Amazon’s system. When it has to be shipped by, whether it is shipped, or even when it’s delivered. 

Serial numbers also help to control inventory. Suppose Traxxas has 100 Rustlers. Traxxas will put all of the Rustler serial numbers in their system. When the serial number count gets below 20 that means that Traxxas has only 20 Rustler models available. That’s how serial numbers help to  control the stock.

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In this article we covered where you can find your Traxxas serial number as well as the difference between it and the model number as well as have you some general information about Traxxas and their serial number process. 

I hope this article has been helpful in answering the questions that you had about your Traxxas RC model.