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Which Phantom Drone Is The Best?

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Have you ever been looking at buying a Phantom drone, but you were not sure which one was the best? Maybe your friend just purchased one, and wants to know if it is the best one available. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about Phantom drones. 

So which Phantom drone is the best?

Although there are many different Phantom drones available that are great quality, the best Phantom Drone is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK. This is the best Phantom drone that money can buy with all of the latest technology. 

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If you want to know more about the different types of Phantom drones, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video.


The drone is one of the most sophisticated digital devices which can be used for various purposes. It is an unmanned aircraft controlled by the remote controller and mobile device. It can be operated from distant places. There are several types of drones available in this modern era. As the function of drones improves, it is getting more and more popular to own one. That’s why different drone companies are preparing different types of drones. All of the drones are good in quality, but some are far superior! This is why it is very tough to choose the best one. But according to different performances in different situations we can see exactly which Phantom drone is the best. 

Why is Phantom the best?

DJI Phantom is the best selection for its users. There are a few qualities a Phantom drone has that make it be the first choice for its consumer. It has a camera of 1080p or 4K. It is developed by a Chinese technology company named DJI. It has a waterproof wetsuit Which allows it to operate in any weather. It has well developed flight and motor controllers, motors, transmitter and receiver, rotors, and a battery of high quality. There are some other great features of the Phantom drone including DJI Go, Tap to fly, precision hovering and automatic flight positioning, active track and so on. For all of these features, the Phantom drone is the best choice for its consumers.

Types of Phantom drones

DJI Phantom has several types of drones. Some of them are the Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Advanced, Phantom 4 pro obsidian, Phantom 4 Pro v2, phantom 4 RTK, Phantom 4, Phantom 3, Phantom 2 and Phantom 1. 

Why DJI Phantom 4 is best

DJI Phantom 4 is adorned with the greatest features. It is designed with first-class technology. The company has integrated this unique technology with the Phantom 4. They have made some improvements to the features as well. You can expect these features when you buy the new DJI Phantom Drone. 

Splendid DJI Phantom 4 features

DJI Phantom 4 is best for these special features DJI go. It is a fully-automated method. It makes this drone a comprehensive tool. Manufacturers have attached the Phantom 4 with DJI go. It has some good outcomes. It helps pilots to share their photos, connect with their friends on social media and also allows them to create new flight paths.

  • Tap to fly

DJI Phantom 4 is fitted with an obstacle sensing system. It allows the drone to turn around objects. With the first tap, it starts to fly. Conversely, with the second touch, it returns to its take-off point. That is a good feature, that makes it easier for its user to control this drone.

  • Automatic flight

The DJI Phantom 4 has automatic flight mode. It has a vision positioning system (VPS). VPS locks the drone when it is needed so that it can stay put for hours. It has GPS features. Through an automatic flight positioning system, it is easier to track a device’s position. For these features, nobody needs to worry about a quadcopter, whether it is getting lost or not.

  • Built-in compasses and electronic logs

The DJI Phantom 4 has built-in compasses. For that, it is almost as suitable as a real craft. Compasses enable it to monitor the data as well as lock away irrelevant information.

  • Active track

Active track is one of the most important features of this drone. For this, it is a must-have for selfie fans. Besides, it helps you to be in GPS control. The main important thing is that you don’t need to use a GPS tool.

  • Multiple flight and sport modes

This drone has multiple flight modes. That’s why it is easier to run by anybody. If you are a beginner, you can adjust the maximum height of the drone. It will help you to keep your drone flying close to the ground. You can increase the maximum height as you get expertise. It also has a sport mode. You can fly faster than before and experience a new speed.

  • Extended flight duration

It can fly almost half an hour, whereas its older versions can fly only 25 minutes. That’s why, DJI Phantom 4 is the best one to choose.

  • High-performance camera

DJI Phantom has a high-quality camera. It allows the users to take a sharp 1080 pixels photo. It can shoot high-resolution photos at 4k and also has a good range of color profiles. That’s why it helps its consumer take high quality footage and video.

  • Customizable controller

With the most up to date features, the Phantom 4 can be controlled in many ways. It gives luxury to its pilot and is even capable of flying itself. 

  • Push and release propeller

The DJI Phantom 4 has press and release propeller mounts. The pilot can lock the propellers in place. Thus, they can prevent them from bumping unnecessarily into objects.

Another great feature of the DJI Phantom 4 is its wetsuit. For this, you can operate this drone any time in any weather without thinking about the water.

  • DJI Phantom 4 wetsuit

The DJI Phantom 4 wetsuit consists of a three-part waterproof system. The first part is 2.5 mm thick and it covers 75% of the drone. The wetsuit covers the synthetic areas. It also creates a seal so that it can protect the battery from being damaged. The second part is also an important part and works as a water protection ring system. It is built by compressed neoprene. It prevents the water from entering through motors. The third part works like a surgeon’s mask. Most of the time, liquid enters through the gimbal ring when a drone hits the water. This part prevents water from entering into the gimbal. For this wetsuit, Phantom 4 is water-resistant and can fly in wet weather. Other drones don’t have such a wetsuit. For this, they are not able to fly in damp weather. They are only allowed to fly in dry and good weather.

For such amazing qualities, you can choose DJI phantom 4 as your first choice. Among all DJI Phantom 4, the newest one is DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK. It is the latest one with some latest features that will literally blow your mind!  If you are looking for the best of the best drone, you can find one here


There are several types of drones available in this current world. Including the drones of the DJI company. The Phantom drones are more preferred to many users across the world! The DJI Phantom is more comfortable, and loved by everyone who uses it! Now that you know which Phantom drone is the best, you can easily see why so many people buy this drone and uses it every single day!