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Why Is My Traxxas Esc Blinking Green?

Traxxas is an excellent RC company that produces great RC cars and trucks that are loved by people from all over. They make some of the fastest RTR (ready to race) RC vehicles ever produced with one model even going over 100mph! 

Of course no RC car will run forever without having issues and the Traxxas is no exception to that. Many people have reported having issues with the ESC having a green flashing light and the throttle not working. 

The way to fix this ESC issue is to simply recalibrate your ESC. This is a relatively simple process as long as you follow the required steps in the right order. 

The first thing you need to do is turn on the remote, and then hold the button on the ESC until it turns red. You will then release it and the light should blink red twice. At that point simply pull the throttle for the gas until the red light blinks and then push the reverse until the light goes solid green. 

Once you have completed the above process your ESC and remote should be recalibrated and the ESC should no longer get stuck blinking green.

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You can also watch a video on how to fix this issue below if you prefer to see it done first hand. 

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Why is my Traxxas transmitter blinking green? 

Traxxas transmitters (the remote) can sometimes have issues with it blinking green which also typically is combined with the remote not working to control the RC vehicle at any distance at all. 

Typically when the transmitter is flashing green it’s because the remote won’t connect with the receiver (ESC) for some reason. This could be caused by bad batteries (in either the remote or transmitter), or the transmitter and ESC not synced properly. 

The first thing to try is replacing the batteries in the transmitter. Even if you recently replaced them it’s possible that one of the batteries was bad and that can cause the issue. 

Assuming that the batteries are good your next step should be resyncing the ESC and transmitter using the steps mentioned in the previous section. 

Some other possible issues are that it is stuck in Training mode, the transmitter has gone bad, or the ESC is plugged into the wrong receiver port. 

If you check all of these possibilities and none of them fix the issue then you need to contact Traxxas, explain the issue and see if they can send you a new transmitter or give you tips on what to try next. 

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How do you reset your Traxxas receiver?

If you accidentally set your Traxxas receiver to the wrong setting or you just need to reset it for another reason then knowing how to do it is obviously important. 

To reset your Traxxas receiver you simply have to turn on the transmitter, press and hold the EZ set button, then when it flashes green then red release the button. Once the light blinks red once pull and hold the gas trigger until the light blinks red twice. Then immediately push it to reverse and hold it until the light flashes green once. 

As long as you followed the above instructions step by step you should have now reset the receiver on your Traxxas RC vehicle. 

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How do you put a Traxxas ESC in LiPo mode?

If you have recently changed from a NiMH battery to a LiPo one or if your ESC got accidentally changed out of LiPo mode then you will have to go through the process of putting it into LiPo mode again. You certainly don’t want to run your Traxxas RC car without having low voltage detection turned on as you risk destroying your battery and possibly your RC car as well. 

To turn your Traxxas RC car to LiPo mode all you have to do is hold down the EZ-set button on the ESC (receiver) until the light turns to solid green. A solid green light indicates LiPo mode and a solid red light means it is in NiMH mode. 

Changing from NiMH to LiPo mode on the ESC is literally as easy as pushing and holding a button on the ESC which is something everyone should be able to figure out. 

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Why is my Traxxas transmitter blinking red? 

This is an issue that comes up quite often with Traxxas RC cars and it can certainly be incredibly frustrating to anyone who has to experience it. Of course the first question that will come up is why? Why does this happen? 

When a Traxxas transmitter blinks red it means that there is some issue with the connection between it and the ESC. Normally this issue is solved by replacing the batteries in the remote, resyncing with the ESC, or correcting the wiring on the ESC. 

If none of those item fix the issue your best option is to contact Traxxas support, explain the issue and what you have already done, and they should be able to help you get it fixed. 

If nothing else you can always replace the remote with a new one from Traxxas (found here) and see if that resolves the issue. If it does then you know the transmitter was the problem. If not then you can simply return the transmitter and move on to the next troubleshooting step. 

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What is the set button on a Traxxas remote? 

If you own a Traxxas then of course you have a Traxxas remote. On that remote you will have a button marked “set”. Of course when people see that and don’t have any use for it then they may wonder what it’s there for at all. 

The set button the Traxxas remote allows you to change the channel of the remote which changes the direction of the servo. So if when you turn the remote to go left and the RC car goes right you can use the set button to fix this issue. 

Normally you shouldn’t have this issue but sometimes when buying a used model or different remote for the RC car the issue can come up. 

To use the set button to change the channel you simply have to hold down the set button for two seconds until the light turns green and then turn the steering wheel all the way left or right. You then just have to push the set button again and the channel is reversed. 

Again, this isn’t something that most people will ever have to use on their remote but that is what it is used for. 

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Hopefully this article has been helpful in answering some questions that you have about your Traxxas remote and ESC as well as helpful in fixing any problems that you might have been having. 

Ultimately, Traxxas has amazing customer service (which is one reason they are so popular) so if you are having an issue with your RC car, remote, or anything else around using your Traxxas RC car simply contact them and they should be able to help you out.