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Why Should You Have a Brushless Motor In A Quadcopter?

When you are looking to buy a quadcopter or any type of remote control vehicle there are two types of motors that you will come across. Those motors are brushed and brushless. 

There are a few differences between these two types of motor but without a doubt the brushless ones are way more powerful and beneficial than the brushed motors. Brushless motors also last for a longer period of time as compared to a brushed motor. 

Brushless motors are best for quadcopters because of the extra power and longevity that they offer. To allow your quadcopter to take off  and land properly as well as to be able to properly maneuver while in the air the extra power from the brushless motor is critical. 

Despite the fact that quadcopters will vary in size, you should never get one that doesn’t have a brushless motor! 

The bigger the quadcopter, the more useful it is to have a brushless motor for it but even smaller ones will not be very powerful or responsive if they only have brushed motors. 

With all RC vehicles (including drones/quadcopters) brushless motors are something that you won’t want to live without. 

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To learn more about brushes and brushless motors you can check out the video below. 

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Drone VS quadcopter

Often the terms drone and quadcopter are used interchangeably (as I did above) however that isn’t always the case. In regards to recreational drones then both drones and quadcopters ARE the same but not all drones are quadcopters! 

Knowing the difference between a drone and a quadcopter is very important if you are going to be getting into this hobby. Knowing the differences between the two terms will help you in avoiding any sort of confusion and the knowledge will also help you buy the best model according to your needs. 

Drones can be any type of unmanned aerial vehicle including those used by the military while also including the small recreational drones. Quadcopters are a more specific type of drone that have 4 motors with one on each corner of the device. 

All quadcopters are actually drones since they are unmanned aerial vehicles but not all drones are quadcopters. That is because drones can be styled to have jet engines, one helicopter style blade, etc. As long as the vehicle flies and is unmanned then it is considered to be a drone. 

When speaking of recreational drones they are virtually always quadcopters as well so the terms are often used interchangeably in that context. As of now there really aren’t any recreational drones available that don’t have 4 independent motors so it is fine to call these recreational devices either drones or quadcopters. 

What is the main difference between brushless and brushed motors?

The major benefit is that since there are no brushes in the brushless motors, they will not wear out. The brushed motors tend to wear out much more quickly because the brushes get used and stop working right very quickly. The very basic difference hence is that one has brushes and the other does not have.

Another difference is that brushless motors produce far more power than the brushed models. That is because the brushed motors have the resistance from the brushes. That resistance causes them to not be as efficient so the brushed motor produces less power. 

Brushless motors are also considered to be waterproof while brushed motors aren’t. 

Advantages of brushless motors

There are so many advantages of brushless motors they will surely convince you that buying a quadcopter with a brushless motor is definitely the best option. Here are a few of the advantages of having a brushless motor. Knowing these will certainly  help you in deciding whether or not to buy a quadcopter with a brushless motor.

  1. The brushless motors are known for their efficiency and are much more efficient when compared to the brushed motors.
  2. The mechanical wear and tear is less in the brushless motor system which means they will last much longer.
  3. There is a higher torque to weight ratio if you go for the brushless motor system
  4. The noise that is produced due to mechanical and operational uses is reduced and almost nil while using the brushless motors
  5. The life span of the quadcopter increases due to brushless motors
  6. The maintenance requirements are reduced to a great extent when using a brushless motor
  7. Brushless motors are much more durable as well as very reliable if purchased from a trustworthy dealer
  8. There is no commutator erosion.
  9. The electromagnetic interference is almost eliminated.
  10. The ionizing sparks are eliminated in the brushless motor system

All of these benefits are very important and are things that you should  consider before buying a quadcopter. If you are investing in a quadcopter, you will almost surely want to have brushless motors for it that will provide each and every benefit that has been listed above.

The basics of the brushless motor

The 2 major parts help in completing and working of a brushless motor. Stators and rotors are the two major parts that you will find. Bearings, shafts, coil, magnets, etc. are some of the minor parts that help in the mechanism of the quadcopter. 

The size of the motor completely depends upon the size of the stator. There is a part called KV and the KV is one of the most important parts of the motor. Selection of the quadcopter also depends upon the KV and you should keep a check on KV while buying a quadcopter. The higher the KV, the more current it draws.

The KV represents the speed at which the motor works. If you have a high KV, the resistance will be low. Your quadcopter should have a low KV because that will mean higher resistance and lower current draw. It will be more efficient. If you are planning to buy a quadcopter in the near future, 2300 to 2400 KV should work the best for you as per general usage.

What exactly is a quadcopter?

Talking about a quadcopter, they are drones that are powered by four independent motors with propellers on top. Quadcopters are quite simple in general and are also very durable while still being easy to repair if necessary. They are generally used to capture a full view of events, landscapes, or even storms and are great for photographs and videos as well. 

They typically have small and compact blades while still being very powerful. 

They are also commonly called drones but drones and quadcopters are slightly different as mentioned earlier. They are very popular amongst the younger population while their ease of use allows virtually anyone to pick them up and use them. 


Although most drones and many RC vehicles solely use brushless motors because of the advantages of them, brushed motors are still in use today. Although brushed motors are not as common as they used to be they are mainly still used because they are much more inexpensive than brushless ones. 

As technology continues to advance and the prices of the technology continues to decrease it wouldn’t be surprising to see brushes motors entirely phased out over the next few years as the price for brushless motors continues to drop. 

Ultimately, every RC vehicle is better served to have a brushless motor than a brushed one but that is especially true when it comes to drones and quadcopters as the extra power generated is a big deal when trying to maneuver the vehicle around the sky.